SpiderLabs In Boracay (Day 2)

Here comes the day 2 of our stay in Boracay with my colleagues. Our day 2 was dedicated for our training/seminar day. Yes, we had a training for one whole day! Good thing that it wasn't that boring after all because there were drinks and snacks around. An unlimited supply of water and coffee was served to us to fight sleepiness perhaps. LOL.
Moving on to our Day 2, we had breakfast first. After which, we then headed our way to the training hall. A speaker was invited to do the training for us. And he's someone who's already well-known to our field - Information Security. Okay, I'm gonna stop talking now and as per usual, let the pictures below do the talking. :)

Fast forward again until we're finally done with our training. Haha.
A training wouldn't be complete without a mandatory group picture. LOL. So, here's one! 😬

SpiderLabs In Boracay (Day 1)

This is literally a long overdue post and I don't care what others might say, as this is my online journal anyway. Haha. (Mga palusot! LOL!) Well.. yeah, this is truly a long overdue post because these all happened last year - December 8-11, 2016. We had a company outing during this period of time, which was an all-in-one outing that consists of these activities: team building, training and Christmas party. 🎄 That is, all expense paid with a per diem allowance. Hooray! How it felt really surreal because this was my first time to be employed in a company who pays for such expenses as this. What a blessing, indeed!
We had a 4-day trip here in Boracay which was divided to this itinerary: Day 1 - arrival, free day, team dinner, nomnom with my college barkada (Funny how the 5 of us are all in Boracay by coincidence and the 6th one from our group made an impromptu trip here because of us. Hihi. What a fun experience!) Day 2 - whole day training Day 3 - team building, Christmas Party Day 4 -…