Monday, August 21, 2017

That Weekend In Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar (Day 1)

On a weekend, I together with my family went to Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar which is located in Bagac, Bataan. And it was my sister who sponsored our accommodation! Hihi. My only share was the car that we used, which is my car. LOL. Some of my contributions was all the booking and PR stuff that we just needed. Hehehe. Sorry, I'm just always broke like that.

On another note, I can't wait to share with you guys how we've spent our wonderful weekend there.

Here's the very first picture that I've took that day. Lakas maka-LACMA ng datingan o!

Then, this is where you should register and check-in. You'll be oriented and will be given a map to be familiar with the place.

This was our hotel room that weekend. Yes, this dark during day time. LOL.

Antique mirror at the restroom.

Marbled restroom, as in the whole restroom. 😍

And unexpectedly, we have a balcony! And this the view. OMG!!! It's so beautiful!

Found this beautiful wall art near the staircase upon going down the lobby.

The lobby looks like these..

I told my sister to walk because I was trying to capture a candid shot. Hehe.

Here's our neighborhood that weekend.

Look at this very detailed door at our hotel's lobby. Dmn, girl!

Here's the way to the beach.

Our hotel! Our hotel! Look! 

 Then, we rode a Jeepney when we were about to take our late lunch. A few Jeepney shuttles are continuously roaming around the whole vicinity which you can ride for free. NOTE: Private vehicles are until the hotel's drop off area only. Don't make the same mistake that we did! Because we brought our car up until the traditional Casas which is a no no! Haha.

For lunch, Mama wanted to have an Italian dish but to no avail, the Italian Resto is still closed when we arrived there at 2:30PM. When we asked around, we learned that it'll only be opened at 6PM. And we can no longer wait for 6PM because my mom is super hANGRY already. Lels. But hey, something interesting happened in spite of it. Look!

I'm not sure if this place looks familiar to you. But if you have watched Heneral Luna, you can probably recall what happened at this very area. 😊 This is actually the place where Heneral Luna was killed in the movie. We weren't told about it, it was just that my sister figured it out and was brave enough to verify from one of the tour guides around if this was really it. Hihi. Fortunately, this was really it.. Hence, the picture. Hihi.
Here's what it looks like inside.

This is the table setup. Obvsly. Hehe.

I forgot the name of this dish, but I know this as "Langka Sa Gata".

And this was Morcon.
We practically just had 2 main dishes with 3 plain rice and then 1 dessert since there were only 3 of us who'll eat. Also, I'm sorry to say this.. but the food prices here were a bit expensive. For this lunch that we had, our total bill was around P1,300.00 already. It was too much for us. Hehe.
Meanwhile, here's another look of the restaurant.

And #IhaveThingsWithFloors picture. Hihi.
After having our lunch, we decided to roam around the area and started to look for the Fotographia (Photo Studio) here in Las Casas, because my sister won't shut up about it. Haha. She told us that you could have a picture taken there, wearing our (Filipino) traditional costumes back in the old days. And even have it printed in a very very classic way, classic as in Sepia mode, B&W and all the like.

Here's Casa Candaba just right in front of the restaurant we just ate at.

Here's my favorite, Casa Mexico.
We weren't able to explore the area that much since we wanted to watch the Carabao Race at 4PM. And we only finished eating 10 minutes before 4PM. So, our schedule got really tight. But we still made it though!

That Carabao Race was so fun to watch and it'll make you appreciate Filipino traditions more! But at the same time, I felt kinda pity for the carabaos and the carabao men who were participating in the race. Some of them are pretty old already. Well, that's how their life works, that's how they live, that's how they earn money for a living. And I'm just thankful that aside from the entertainment they provide, a prize is always given to whoever wins the race by the Las Casas management. May I just add also that prior to the Carabao Race, a Palo Sebo game was also held (which we didn't about, too bad!). Anyhoo, that's okay. Maybe, some other time! Hehe.

After watching the Carabao Race, we headed back to our hotel to rest.

Here's my sister on her phone. Hehe.

And that's me taking a selfie with the mirror. LOL.
I dozed off a few minutes after we went back to our room. And with that, I was able to sneak in 2 hours of sleep before dinner time. Hahaha. 

After waking up, I ate some of the breads that my mom bought from the Panaderia here in Las Casas. Then I decided to go out of the balcony after, and just appreciate the view outside. ☺️

Upon dinner time, Mama wanted to take a walk going to the restaurant. 

And here's our pretty neighborhood that night.

We had our dinner outside the Italian Restaurant, La Bella Teodora. (Finally! We were able to dine here and taste their Pugon Pizza that my mom kept on telling us about. Hehehe.) 

This was our view, and that's my mom who can pass as my elder sister. Lels.

IDK if it's just me. But this very setting gave me some real Italian feel. I felt like we were just in one of the rustic streets of Rome, Italy. LOL.

Trevi Fountain kuner. Hehehe.

My sister who's having a mug of beer which she finished in a fews minutes. LOL. Thirsty much?
We had this pizza with ham & Mozarella cheese as one of our dishes. Its taste was superb! No regrets!

Plus this Carbonara which is so good! And a tomato soup which I forgot to take a photo of. Toinks.

I'm sorry that I couldn't share the names of these dishes. Tee-hee! Promise, I'll take note of the food names next time. Hehe. 

And then the next happenings were these:

1) It rained while we were having our dinner. But thankfully, just before the rain poured down, the management was quick enough to have us transferred inside the restaurant.
2) We saw one of our local celebrities, Gwen Zamora and her family inside this Italian restaurant.
3) We called it a night and rested for a long day tomorrow.

Day 2 here will be coming up next! Get ready because there'll be a bunch of pictures on it. Hihi.

See yaaa and thanks for reading!

Lany Live At Ayala Malls

Hellowww! Hellowww! Sorry for too much energy. But I just wanted to say that this blog post is one of the topics that I am most excited about. Hihi. If you didn't know, I have just watched Lany live last August 06, 2017 in Trinoma. Take note! I was in the front line of the VIP section. And Lany was just literally in front of me, performing. OMG. I'm still cringing everytime I remember that one in a million experience. 

Moving on, I'm gonna skip the part on how I got that VIP ticket. But here's a hint of it: It was unexpectedddd! And if you still want to know how I got that ticket, don't hesitate to comment down below. 😬

Going back, here are the tad bit details of my life's happening last August 06, 2017.

I met with my very very close friend, Fea in Trinoma at 1PM on this "Lany Day". And I arrived 15 minutes late pa, what a shame I know! My usual entrance to Trinoma is at the 2nd floor (because people are lesser there). I was enjoying my walk getting inside Trinoma, but at the same time, I was nervous to see how people have piled up for Lany's concert. And as expected, it was pretty crowded already. But! Just outside the venue only. Inside the venue itself, there weren't people yet because IDK. Just find out below. Hehe.

Once I got down the escalator. This is what welcomed me.

Moving forward, I and Fea met in Yellow Cab and we had our lunch there. 

Yellow Cab's My Stuff taken with Gudak cam. 

Hi from me and Fea! 💚
We chit chatted while waiting for and eating our food. We finished eating at 2PM. And we had this plan of going to Big Boy's Diner before the show starts. You know, killing time since the show would only start at 7PM. So, might as well, take advantage of that 5 hours. But before taking advantage of that 5 hours and going out of Trinoma, we both agreed to check the line for the concert first. From Yellow Cab, we went to the CR, to the ILYSB neon lights display, then finally, to the concert venue. 

Our tickets for that day. Yay!

Just thought that this was the closest I could get ever get to them.

That ILYSB neon lights display that I mentioned. ☺️ Too bad that there were people behind it. 😔

When we reached the concert venue, we asked the marshals where the line for the concert is, then we were pointed to the very very long queue of people who were indian sitting on the floor. Which is an obvious evidence of how early those people have started lining up. That's why I told myself then, "Sht. I should have lined up first before eating so we don't have to follow that line. Damn it." But! But! here's a little twist of the story, there was a follow up instruction from the marshal saying, "...pila po ito ng yellow stub". Oh wait, was that a good thing or bad thing? Again. Just find out! Haha. 

In response to the marshal, "Ahhh.. blue stub po kasi yung samin. Saan po ba yung blue stub?" Then the marshal pointed out on our opposite direction, going north to be exact. So another, fck moment, because the line there might be longer. But then, another person in charge said, "Wait lang po, ma'am. I-confirm ko po kung saan yung blue stub." After a minute, that person came back, saying.. "Sa VIP/Meet & Greet po yung blue stub". HOLY GUACAMOLE! VIP??? MEET & GREET??? WTF! ARE YOU KIDDING??? Excited we were, we thanked those 2 persons who helped us, then we went straight to the VIP line. Me being skeptic, still made sure that we were on the correct line by asking the guards there if the VIP section is the section that I am seeing in front of the stage. And guess what? I got an unbelievable "yes". My gahddd!!! Never in my wildest dream that I'll be able to watch a concert from a front stage's perspective. That's why the feeling is totally unexplainable! OMG. As in OMG talagaaa!


Hello from the VIP section. Hihi. We met these 2 humble siblings (I thought they're a couple actually) while we were on the line. They're super kind! Just the right company we had. 💚

My mamshie Fea who made everything possible! She was the sole reason why we were able to get tickets. 💕

Me, myself and I looking so excited!

Wala lang, I just wanted to show na nasa harapan talaga kami forealz. Lels.

Paarte shot lang. Lol.

The section behind VIP. Buti pa sila may banners and all. Samantalang kami sa VIP, waleyyy! My gahd.. if only I know na VIP section kami.

Lany wristlet. Woot! Sorry for the hair. Tee-hee!



Damn, PJK! Ang pogi mo naman! 😍😍😍

And there he goes, doing his thing.

Love that stare! 😍

One of my favorite pictures that night. 💕

His smile though. 😍😍😍

And this was the moment when he threw himself to the crowd. Bammm!

Then minutes after, he was back on stage. 

Look at this foot. Hehehe.

Yes. He dances also while he sings.

Pinush ko talaga na magpicture ng selfie. WAKOFAKELS SA ITSURA KO JAN, OKAYYY??? 

ILSYB (Stripped). OMG!!! This is where it all started. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! MOST ESPECIALLY ITS VIDEO IN YOUTUBE. Haaayyy.

"...Broken down, I've had enough. If this is love I don't want it." 🎤

Then the next thing I know, the show has ended.

Huhu. That sad face, Paul! You so cute! Hehe.

So much to be thankful for this day! Hayyy. Some of the pictures were taken by Fea, btw. 📷

Thank you so much, Lord for this day! 💕 Thank you, Pi for not giving up on looking for tickets and for EVERYTHING ELSE! Thank you, Ayala Malls and to all the people behind this tour. And thank you, Lany for being such a passionate and awesome band! 🌹

(Makapag-thank you naman! Wagas! Haha!)

I'm also including here the ganaps we had after the concert.

Found this little one while at the restroom. Hihi.

Then dinner at Abe because the mamshie is craving for lutong bahay food. Hihi. (Sorry madilim yung picture. Too lazy to edit. Lels.)
And advance happy birthday to the best mamshie everrr! Sorry, Maja Blanca pala yung pa-birthday ng Abe. I requested for a cake, I swear! Huhu. But I know that you still appreciate it though. Love youuu, mamsh! 💚💚💚

P.S. I have a lot of #LanyLiveAtAyalaMalls slash #LanyInTrinoma videos uploaded in my public Instagram account. Go ahead and check them out. The Instagram ID is "dna.agd".