The New Boracay (Day 1)

One of the best memories I had last year was having a reunion with my closest highschool girlfriends. Big thanks to one of our friends' wedding, it became a perfect time to see my beloved girls again. 😬😬😬

A week before the wedding day, a girlfriend of ours decided to book a Boracay trip. God Knows how I owe her big time for treating me at this trip. I hope to make it up to her and boyfriend real soon! (I'm secretly claiming that I'll be at her future wedding abroad! Hihi.)
So, two days after that beautiful wedding day, we headed to Boracay. 🏖 Believe me when I say that after almost 2 decades of friendship, this was the only time that we were able to go to the beach together. Awwwe. 👯‍♀️ And that just makes this trip a double memorable one! Hayayay. LOVE ITTT! 💚💚💚

After barely an hour, WELCOME TO BORACAY! 😬
MY FIRST IMPRESSION:Oh wow! Ang laki na nung airport. Hindi ganito kalaki yung rampa dati, kung tama yung naaalala ko.

I remember that the airport was concrete made …

Farewell, Dumaguete City!

For our last day in Dumaguete City,  I'm just going to share some of my recommendations. 😬 And if you missed my blog post about our first day in Dumaguete, here's the link. And for our side trip in Siquijor, kindly click this link.

First off was when we had our lunch in Lab-as which was recommended to us by the kind-hearted tricycle driver we met the night before this day. And his name is Robert.

He kept on saying na sa "labas" niya kami dadalin. And in my mind, "uhm kuya, nasa labas naman tayo kanina pa?". But my instinct tells me that I might have misheard what he was saying.

So, ito na nga.. he brought us to a place where you can see Cebu, Bohol and Siquijor from afar. It was amazing! Magkakalapit lang pala sila.
Then here's a glimpse of what we ate for lunch.

My Jiep's Wedding

Ola banana! *in Mika's tone* Haha. I'm so happy to be blogging about my best-est friend's wedding - Mika. 😬 I've known her since we were 12 years old and since then, we were inseperable. Hihi. 

Just 2 years ago, we started to be in a long distance relationship but that did not stop us to be Jieps 5evah! Awww. 💕 God Knows how I love this girl so much and she is indeed my sister from another mother!
But wait, before I start crying again, let the blogging roll!
So last October 27, 2018, my Jieps has finally walked down the aisle and said "I do" to the love of her life. I couldn't be more excited about it and all I felt that day was genuine happiness for her and her husband.

A day before her wedding day, I dropped by their condo to pick-up one of our friends' gown. And it was such a surprise for me to see her inside their condo unit that time. That was really unexpected ha! I thought she was already in Tagaytay. That's why after I got the gown, we sneak…