Brisa Marina Beachfront Resort with Highschool Friends (Day 1)

Hello, blogging world! I missed you a lot! I have finally convinced myself to blog again. Hihi.

Today, I'm going to share about my 2-day vacay with my dear highschool friends last April of this year. 💚

So, last April, one of my highschool friends went back home here in the Philippines for a vacation. And of course, we got together to see each other, bond, catch up and have fun. The last time he came back from the states, we actually went to Tagaytay City. A few years prior to that, we went for a dinner in BGC. And the list goes on. But this time that he's here, we went to a beach. (Level up na kami, guyth! Haha.) Special thank you to Jas for organizing everything! Natuloy rin tayo, sa wakas! 😀

On a Wednesday, we decided to have this overnight outing in Brisa Marina Beachfront Resort Bataan.

The boys and girls have fetched me somewhere in Pampanga because I was the only who was coming from Manila. All of them were coming from Bulacan and Nueva Ecija. Huhu. But I love that it …

Exploring The Beauty Of Bali (Day 4)

It's kinda sad to blog about our last day in Bali. But that is life! Vacations do come to an end. 😉 So, to share about our last day in Bali. Here's what we did..
1.) went to Uluwatu Temple 2.) went to Padang Padang Beach 3.) checked in Gravity 4.) went home 🏠
As we're about to spend our last morning in Villa Matahari, we woke up pretty early to catch the sunrise. Also, to take pictures again in the villa. Hindi na nagsawa sa pictures? Hahaha.

Kung kailan last day, dun lang kami nakapag-order ng in-house breakfast. Gagaling rin eh! Haha. Pero pinaka-magaling talaga yung organizer eh. AKO YUN! Hahaha.

Oh well.. this is Villa Matahari's Big Breakfast which is at P250.00. It's unlimited bread by the way. Hihi.

After having breakfast, our daily photoshoot has of course followed. Haha.