Tuesday, May 24, 2016

TBT: Dona Meets Macau (Day 1)

I am sooo (literally).. pumped up to write today after I saw few pictures of a friend in Hong Kong. Hihi. Believe me, it's been in my mind the whole day! Lels. 

Well, I just thought.. posting travel pictures even from years and years before won't be so bad after all. Right? And besides, who cares? This is my blog anyway - my online diary.

So, here.. I'm going to share a photo diary of what we did while we were in Macau way back to 2009. Lels.

At NAIA Terminal 3 with my super cool aunts. <3

Our flight number that day - January 24, 2009.

We were lucky then because there were only few passengers during the flight. Hence, one row of seats is yours. Haha.

Sorry, but the lining in jacket was matching with the warning lights on the floor. =p

Some rare photo ops with the men who brought us safely to Macau. :D


And it was freezing like hell! (Fudge! Hindi kami prepared!)

Picture muna while looking for a hotel. (Yes, I forgot to mention na flight nga lang pala ang binook namin. Not the first time, this is the usual scenario in our family outings. =p)

Going around Macau pictures starts here...

Yung sumakto yung wind effects! LOLLL.

My sister and my mom just found this huge mirror while we were walking around Macau. :D

Until.. all of us joined them. :)

Meanwhile, we had our dinner by having a bowl of noodles. Where in, napilitan ako mag-chopsticks kasi WALANG SPOON & FORK bilang hindi ako marunong! (What a major loser!)

And then suddenly.. last picture for the night na pala namin 'to.*wink*

Next post coming up!

Muchos love,