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Puzzle Mansion (Tagaytay City)

Finally updating this blog after a month. Sorry, blog.. I was just busy with so many things. Lels.
Anyway, as promised.. here's a separate blog about my Puzzle Mansion (Tagaytay City) experience.
So.. after having breakfast at Balay Dako (last June 25, lels), we all decided to go to Puzzle Mansion - to explore Tagaytay City more and to sulitin the day with bondiiiiing! Yay!

Thank You, Citibank!

Aw yeah, this is it! Congrats, self for finally stepping out your comfort zone and for finally having the courage to explore what the future can offer. 

If you may not know, I have been working with Citibank for the past 6 years of my life. It was the first company that I have ever worked for after graduating from college. Yup! I hear you! I stayed that long there. Hehe. You can't blame me then, I just had so much fun working there. Uhm.. Yes, there were those dreadful days but when the day ends, it's already over, right? Or okay, fine, there maybe those work-related issues that I still face the next day but they also end in no time. And they're not worth remembering anyway. Right? Moreover, if you want me to elaborate on that "fun" that I'm talking about, well, I am referring to the people that I get to work with everyday (Hi officemates! Hihi). Hayyy.. I'd tell you, it has been like working with my life-long close friends there in Citibank. We chat and l…