Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Puzzle Mansion (Tagaytay City)

Finally updating this blog after a month. Sorry, blog.. I was just busy with so many things. Lels.

Anyway, as promised.. here's a separate blog about my Puzzle Mansion (Tagaytay City) experience.

So.. after having breakfast at Balay Dako (last June 25, lels), we all decided to go to Puzzle Mansion - to explore Tagaytay City more and to sulitin the day with bondiiiiing! Yay!

Obligatory picture once you're about to enter Puzzle Mansion which we loved btw! :)

Another picture with this puzzle piece which made it to Guinness World Record. :D

And here's the perfect spot inside the amazing Puzzle Mansion.

3D puzzle right here.

And here's Joma, super focused with the TV. LOL.

#TravelGoals Yay! :D

My sister's ultimate idol.

And a Mickey Mouse piece which I think is perfect for my mom. Hihi.

Hello there my favorite Pope! <3

Then upstairs, we found this "The Biggest Puzzle In The World". Whoaaa!

Of course, a picture with it! Please excuse my haggard face! Lels.

Upstairs is where the puzzle store is actually located. A lot of puzzle collections are there and sorry if I forgot to take a picture of it. Tee hee!

After our "kodakan" moments, we just enjoyed the view here in Puzzle Mansion because it's very refreshing amidst the heat. Well, it was windy at the same time actually. Ang labo lang! Anyway, while enjoying the view, we got curious about the Coconut Cream Pie that the place offers that's why we tried it. And grabe lungsss! It didn't turn us off because it was super goooood! I can probably eat 2 pies of it in one seating of it because of its goodness. Haha.

So, there our Puzzle Mansion adventure is. Our next and last stop was - in Charito by Bag of Beans which will be coming up next! :D

Dona ΓΌ

Friday, July 1, 2016

Thank You, Citibank!

Aw yeah, this is it! Congrats, self for finally stepping out your comfort zone and for finally having the courage to explore what the future can offer. 

If you may not know, I have been working with Citibank for the past 6 years of my life. It was the first company that I have ever worked for after graduating from college. Yup! I hear you! I stayed that long there. Hehe. You can't blame me then, I just had so much fun working there. Uhm.. Yes, there were those dreadful days but when the day ends, it's already over, right? Or okay, fine, there maybe those work-related issues that I still face the next day but they also end in no time. And they're not worth remembering anyway. Right? Moreover, if you want me to elaborate on that "fun" that I'm talking about, well, I am referring to the people that I get to work with everyday (Hi officemates! Hihi). Hayyy.. I'd tell you, it has been like working with my life-long close friends there in Citibank. We chat and laugh with each others' stories like there's no tomorrow (especially me who'd always be O.A. and laugh her lungs out! haha!). We'd tease each other like there's no more room to be offended because it's pretty normal with our every day lives at work (yes, i repeat, NORMAL! lol). We may have noticed it, but we've spent most of our days eating together, sharing the same problems (personal or not and even our stressful moments at work as well) and what else? Ugh. Just too much to tell that I can't even list down all of it because maybe, I'm so out of words right now? Well, IRDK. Lels.

On another note, just thinking about this blog entry about my Citibank life has gave me this idea of listing down the things that I WOULD SURELY MISS. So, here they are:

1. My colleagues of course! Ugh. THEY'RE THE BEST!
2. My work basically, including the people that I always talk to, even they bug me most of the time. Haha. I'm gonna miss them for sure and my flooding MOC messages! Haha.
2. Collecting meal receipts and secretly getting them from fast food chain dining tables. LOLLL. (because we need it for our meal reimbursement! hihi.)
3. The Citibank staff who would always smile and greet you even they do not know your name. I get this a lot of times and I feel sort of embarrassed not having the courage to know their names either. Hihi. Sorry and thank you pooo!
4. My Citibank debit/payroll card which I can use in all ATM banks for free. Yes! I can check my balance, withdraw from other bank machines without any extra deduction! Huhu.
5. My whole workstation because I can even live in there with so much belongings that I have stuffed? Haha.
6. The whole Citibank high tech system :)
7. The food in the Citi Cafe and Intrepid Plaza! Hayayay.
9. The entire Eastwood City and most especially the bazaars! Sheesh. They have the cheapest and best clothes there! Gah.
8. And what else? LOL. Others that I could no longer recall. Hihi. Sorry.

And as part of this "farewell" blog. Allow me to share the last snaps that I had at the office on my last day at work. :)

Yuck my noo! Oily agad from the commute! Anyway, I'm with Sir TJ. :) He mentored me when I was on 1st and 2nd year in Citibank. And I'd always remember him as the "rocker" of our whole group and one of the alphas in our team. :D
With Sir Prof. (I know redundant! But that's how we call him.) One of the most hardworking and workaholic members of our group. He has the longest patience you could ever imagine!
With Sir Jan, one of my "ka-tribos". Haha. You'd often catch us bullying each other but normal na yun samin! Haha. In a nutshell, I've found a brother in him. Gonna miss this big guy for sure!
With Kay. :) I never doubted my first impression with her since her first day at the office. She's so angelic and she gets well with everybody because she's the kindest, I swear!
With the Power 2 - Sir Jhay-ar and Ma'am Heizel. These 2 are the brightest team leaders that we have at work and tbh, our management just can't afford to lose people like these 2. :)
With Sir Vince - one of my few colleagues who's into anime and good music. I'm a witness of how loving he is to her wife, that he'll frequently ask me about crafts and arts because her wife is just into the colorful side of the world like me. Hihi.
With Dan, one of the funniest and smartest guys at work. Gonna miss my funny chats with this guy!
With Ryan, a kababayan of mine. And one of the real-technical guys at work. So happy that you're part of the Automation team now, Ry. Just where you truly belong!
With Jeanne!!! The Ms. Congeniality at work. She's one of my secret-keepers I'd say. Believe me, we can chat all day, errday I'd tell you! Haha. Waaah. I miss you already, Jeanne! Huhu.

Then for a while, I took a break from taking selfies, went down for a while to buy breakfast. Hence, these pictures:

Pinicture-an pa talaga yung elevator eh no? Haha.

Took a shot of my beloved Citi Square. <3 <3 <3

A glimpse of my workstation. :)

Then picture with my very humble supervisor, Madam Grace. :)

With Cha, one of the real-hardworking and alphas in our team. :)

With Sir Gary, one of my team - NAM team's pioneer. (Ang kulit lang ng picture namin. Hehe!)
With Sir Jeypee, one of the coolest and brightest AVPs of our group. :)
With Sir Lee, my partner in crime ever since, my fellow batchmate and one of NAM team's pioneers. Going to miss him also, we've been seatmates for the past 2 years!

With the always-accommodating, Sir Albert. :)

And wait, another snap of our workspaces. Hayyy. Gonna miss this talaga!

Hi, Louie! My fellow Mad Max and Star Wars fan. Hihi. Thank you for the lovely cupcakes again! Ang sarap sobraaa! Huhu.
And again, another non-selfie shot, this is the Citi Cafe that I was talking about a.ka. our canteen. Hehe. What I'll miss the most here are their snacks! :(

With Ma'am Grace, one of the first mentors that I had during my 1st year at Citi. :)

With the ever cool and stunning Ma'am Kris!:)

Wth my BFF at work, Rach. <3 I'm going to miss her big time! She was my batchmate in Citi. We entered Citibank on the same day, signed contract on the same day and a lot more of our firsts together. OMG! I can't imagine being apart from you again for this longest time. :(

With the ever-jolly and one of the bests, Ma'am Ann.

Selfie with Ma'am Ann and Ma'am Grace before finally going home. <3
The next day, here are some more pictures that I had even I'm already out of Citibank. Haha. I still managed to get there because I had to finish my clearance! Haha.

At Citi Tower (Makati City), went here to surrender my company I.D. and to see these people of course! <3 <3 <3

With my colleagues from Citi Square who transferred to Citi Tower. It was great to see you all! :D :D :D
Then here, back at Citi Square, another selfie with my beloved workmates. <3

With Ma'am Gelai and Ma'am G. :D

With Juls. (Buti na lang white yung backdrop natin 'no! Haha.)

With Sir Charlie. :) I'll surely miss your opinions and stories about things and your epidemic laugh. Hehehe.

And last selfie of the day, with the smart and funny, Sir Pio. :) Stripes vs. Stripes! LOL.
It's too bad that I wasn't able to take pictures with some of my workmates who were off-duty during these times. :( :( :( Most especially with the NEMS who already had their last day before mine. *sigh* Anyway, kapag nakita ko kayo somewhere, promise, makikipag-selfie talaga 'ko! Haha.

This is it na talaga! Haisttt. THANK YOU, CITIBANK COLLEAGUES FOR EVERYTHING! <3 I'll never forget each and everyone of you. Good luck and God bless! Until we meet again! 

Dona <3