One With Masungi Geo Reserve

Hey there! I'm trying to update my blog as much as I could. And thank the gods of time that I was able to write one this week. Hooray!

So, for this post, I'm going to share about my first adventure for year 2017, which is no other than exploring the magnificent Masungi Geo Reserve. Speaking of reserve, we had our reservation here a year before. And true enough, we really waited 12 months for this (which we didn't really mind). We scheduled our visit here on a Saturday. And maybe that's why we had to wait that long. Anyhoo.. are you excited to see our photos? Hihi. 'COZ I AMMM! 😁😁😁

Once I got off our ride, I immediately started taking pictures. Hehehe.

Hi from me and my Love. Kakagaling lang po nya ng hospital 2 days ago. Tapos, nag-lamyerda na po sya agad. Hahaha. Kaloka! Love you, Gab Gab! 😗

A little info about Masungi Geo Reserve upon entering their premises.

Ay! Gusto ko yang clear glass at chalk pen hanash na yan! Hehehe.

Upon entering, this pathway gave me a signal already that I'm in for a real beautiful place. Hihi. Exciting!

I took this picture because 1) Ang ganda nung signage 2) Lakas maka-nature ng halamanan, limestone at mga puno. Also, the signage was made by one of the local letterers/artists that I look up to - June Digan.

While this one, made me remember my lola who loves Banga. And friends, you can get a clean water from this Banga by the way. 😊
Meanwhile, the boys looked bored already waiting for the confirmation of our booking. Mehehe.

Then I sneaked in for a bathroom break. And yes, this is their very eco-friendly restroom. Nakakaloka sa gandaaa! 😍

Look! It's complete with toiletries and other stuff. May I just compliment that clear glass sink as well. 💕 Hayayay.

Back to the waiting area, there's a limestone already where you can have a picture taken. 📷

And here's an illustration of one of the park rangers of Masungi Geo Reserve, whom, with all his heart is keeping the whole area really maintained and clean. 🙌🏼

Group picture before we start our 4-6 hour adventure. Yayyy!

While exploring, there's a signage for each significant that we enter.

Not your ordinary bamboo though.

Resting on our first stop. 😬

A stone art which was intentionally made for the rare specie that was found in this area. (Sorry, I forgot what this is exactly called. But it's a rat, folks!)

And here's our first rope course - Lambat. Yay!

This beautiful view after climbing the rope course above.

PICTURE, GUYSSS! And Gab, I can see you laughing. Haha. 😋

Ayannn! Nakatingin na sila. Hehe.

Picture again while hiking. 😬

Here's our park ranger that day. Huhu. I forgot his name already. Sorryyy..

Picture once more!

And yup, we had to cross this tiny little bridge.

Had to stop for a while for some facts about this area.

Here's one of the areas that I've been meaning to see - Sapot. Hihi.

Selfie muna since I was the first one to get here. 😋

Group picture for them. Yays!

My boyfriend was happily shaking the web... bully that guy in red. Hehehe. Tsk tsk tsk!

ME: "Love, picture!" Also ME: "Awow. Thank you!"

Yannn.. tumingin rin sa wakas! Lels.

Group picture in Sapot. 😬

Then, for our next stop, we had to cross this bridge.

Of course, hindi ako papayag ng wala akong picture dito. Ako pa ba? Hahaha!

And with this huge rock too. 😋

Group picture once again! 😬

WHOAAA this picture upon going down. Huhuhu. ANG GANDAAA, PLEAAASE! 😍😍😍

Another meanwhile, because my boyfriend just found his spot. LELS!

I've taken a photo of this one because ang OC lang po nung naglinis nito. Just wow!

If you see it, there's a flower in this photo. 😉

Suutan. Like LITERALLY!

Yup. We all had to pass by this tiny space.

So, here's another photo of my boyfriend chilling. Haha.

Hi from these BFFs, Nit and Jayme! 👯

Of course, may picture rin ako dapat sa duyan na 'to. 😅

This beautifully made pathway though. 👌🏽
And then.. CACTUSSS! Huhuhu. My pamiliii! 

Just showing another fruit of labor here - these beautiful steps na obvious naman na ineffortan talaga! 👌🏽
And another bridge to cross. Hihi. 

Then, hoorayyy! Another highlight that I've been wanting to see - Patak.

But.. we cannot enter it yet since there's still a group in that area. By the way, each group of visitors are given 15-20 minutes for each highlight to stop at. They can make use of this time for sight-seeing, picture-taking and others.

UY. HEART! Hehe. That's Gab's and mine.

Unggoy. Unggoy si Gab. LOL.

And here we are now! About to cross Patak. Hihi.

Group picture inside Patak. Yay! 💚
Sorry, ang daming pictures ng Patak. May gusto kasi akong i-achieve na shot. Hihi. 😅

And to our next rope course - Ditse.

Ang taas dito friends. Juice cooo!

I love this shot of Nith by the way! 😬 

Selfie na lang me 'coz I was the last one to go down. Ganyan sya ka-taas, friends, about 600 feet if I'm not mistaken.

More pictures here from Ditse.

Going down, Duyan is waiting for us - another highlight that I've been meaning to see. Hihi.

Moving on, our next stop was in Yungib Ni Ruben, one of the mighty keepers of the beautiful Masungi Geo Reserve. He's one of the main reasons why Masungi is such a neat place! 💚💚💚

Inside the Yungib Ni Ruben is this - a fountain with lighted candles around. Also, not in picture is the pleasant scent inside.  Ang bango talaga sa loob! Hindi ako nagbibiro. HUHUHU. Gusto kong maiyak sa tuwa, kasi grabe naman nila alagaan yung buong place tapos may mga ganitong ganap pa. My gahhhd! God bless the people behind this! 💕 I'M BEYOND AMAZE! 🙌🏼

Here we are now to our 2nd to the last stop - Tatay. This is one of the tallest peaks in Masungi Geo Reserve,

'Coz the view is just nice. I told them I'm going to take a picture of them. 


...versus Reality. Joke! Hehehe. ✌🏼

And this is what we've seen up there in Tatay.

Sorry sa selfie. Hahaha. Ang ganda lang kasi ng view!

Then, back to trekking on our last stop - Nanay, which is the tallest among of the two peaks.

Guys, may man-made ladder paakyat. Grabe lang! Mabibigyan talaga ng award sa EFFORTTT!

Managed to sneak in a picture before finally reaching Tatay. 😬

Whew! I love this area. Lakas maka-relax! 💚

Upon reaching Tatay, look at what welcomed us!


That feeling though when you it seems that God is just right up there smiling at you. Hihi. Grabe, Lord! Thank you for these beautiful creations of yours! 💝 I'm forever inlove! 💘

And this bridge though. Huhu. I'M SO AMAZEDDD!!!

And it's full of connecting bridge up here in Tatay by the way.

Then, upon going back to the starting point. Here are few beautiful pictures that I'll leave you with.


Danggg! EVERYTHING IS SO BEAUTIFULLL! I'm definitely recommending this place if you're looking for an adventure with less hassle. I'm not bragging, but I didn't find it so hard doing the trekking, hiking and the rope courses because Masungi Geo Reserve is sooo properly developed and maintained. It's like hiking a mountain with cemented trails, I swear!

I would definitely go back given the money (hehe) and chance to. I SUPER DUPER LOVE THIS PLACE! ❤️❤️❤️ It's one for the books!

Here are more details about this place if you have any questions in mind. (c)

Masungi Georeserve
Kilometer 45, Marcos Highway, Rizal, Philippines
Facebook: masungigeoreserve
Instagram: masungigeoreserve

Reservations (Book Here) 

Masungi Conservation fee: 
Weekdays (Mondays to Fridays): Php 1,500 per person*
Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays): Php 1,800 per person*
*Inclusive of a ranger dedicated to the group, rental of helmets & backpacks, water refills and complimentary light after-trail snacks

Until next time! 

Peace and love,


  1. WANTTTTT!!! Gusto ko din! Ganun katagal talaga yun reservation?


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