Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TBT: Eraserheads: The Reunion Concert (Part 1)

Okay. To tell the truth, 6 years ago, at this very time, I didn't ever think that Eraserheads will still have reunion concerts after this. I really thought that this will be their first and last reunion concert. I mean, come on, with their own busy lives, with their own bands, I don't think that there's still going to be a part 2, part 3, part n of this. But yeah, miracles do happen and wishes do get granted. That's why months.. years.. after this, our all time favorite Filipino band, Eraserheads continued to have reunion concerts. Which is just, aw man, I cannot afford to miss this reunion concert of theirs. That's why I was on their first and on their second reunion concert! And here I am to blog about their first. :)

It was exactly last August 30, 2008 when Eraserheads held their first reunion concert, everrr! That I couldn't even believe myself! I was like, "Weh! Tsismis lang 'yan!" Until it got on the news, social media, our local TV channels, radio stations, etc. And because of that, I immediately told my family about it 'coz I just can't wait to tell them about that good news!!! (TRIVIA: My family has been always my concert buddies since then. So, you make a guess on how I was able to get my ticket? Haha. Alam na!) Also, I invited a dear college friend to join me in this concert, who's a huge fan of Eraserheads and who's also a music-lover by heart. (I just picked the best company, right? Hehe.)

So, now, let's travel back to 2k8. (Pardon the pictures because they were all taken from my digicam.)

Line at Silver section (as far as I can remember. No judgements, but looks like those people in line are really from the "Eraserheads Era".
 And there's Aya, my college friend/roommate I was talking about who is more than a friend to me. Rather, a sister who also love the things that I love! A long-lost sister, indeed! Love you, Ayabums! <3
And hooopla! We're inside now!
Our selfie. Yes, before "selfie" became such a trending word. Haha. And behind was my sister and 2 brothers.
And then later that night, the sun has already escaped but we are still waiting. Hehe. ;) We went early though to get good places to stay and to have a nice view of course!
And waaah! The countdown begins! Yayyy! :D :D :D

Oh, look! There's Fred Payawan of Pinoy Big Brother. And this was not actually the first time that we saw him. Hihi. *wink*

And here's a video when the countdown was about to finish. EXCITEMENT ALL OVER!!! :D
Ahhh! Goosebumps! Eraserheads after so many many years of their last performance together! *happy dance*
Please allow me then to share more of the goosebumps that I felt night (until now). Ladies and gentlemen, "Alapaap".

And a picture of course.
Sorry for the super zoomed out picture. It's the iconic Filipino vocalist of Eraserheads by the way - Ely Buendia. :)

#raknarak Hahaha! Sorry, normal na ako sa concerts. *wink*
 Voila! More pictures of the band (in zoomed out mode of course!). *double wink*

And another video again. :) My favorite: "Huwag Mo Nang Itanong".

After 15 songs, the band took a break. Of course, of course, artists like them need it. So, we took this opportunity to do some "kodakan" moments and to kill time as well.

So, there was me, sneaking a seat in the sea of crowd. Sakit na kasi ng paa ko 'te!

And this was the also that time that Fred Payawan approached us and asked about the title of "Huwag Mo Nang Itanong" song of Eraserheads. And that's again not the first time that we were able to talk to him, because the first time we saw him in Enchanted Kingdom, kami naman yata yung nag-approach sa kanya by that time kasi kasama rin namin sya sa pila nun. Haha. Sooo.. may connection? Ganooon? :)) You tell.

And then.. after such a long wait, a girl has appeared on stage which I thought was the host (but come on, host in a concert, Dona?). Or was I just denying to myself that I didn't want to hear my fear that Ely might be attacked by his heart disease during this concert? Because I think, it was this year that he had been fighting with his heart disease. Anyway, you do guessing then after you watch this video.

So, there.. I know. It was such a sad news then. (Biglang inispoil na? Hehe.) Parang.. "TOTOO BA 'TO?! Minutes ago lang, ang ok pa nya. Tapos biglang ganito." That's why you've heard me there saying, "Sabi na eh." at the end because upon reaching the concert gates, sabi ko sa kuya ko, "Paano kaya kung biglang atakihin si Ely sa concert? Huwag naman sana." But here, it happened. Parang dejavu lang! You might say na, ang barbero ko lang but totoo sya kahit itanong nyo pa yung kuya ko na yun. Anyway, super sad talaga ng ending that night, we then have offered a prayer na lang din for Ely after this. Nobody in the crowd wanted to go yet, alam mo yung parang joke lang yung announcement na parang pakulo lang yung feeling (no offense meant here) But nooo, it happened for real! Grabe lang talaga!

It was tragic, yes! But at least, nothing worse happened to Mr. Buendia that night. And I was grateful enough then because they held a part 2 of this which leads me to posting their "The Final Set" blog next time. :) 

Here was the setlist BTW:

(Credits to: rockersworld.com)

1. Alapaap
2. Ligaya
3. Sembreak
4. Hey Jay
5. Harana
6. Fruitcake
7. Toyang
8. Kamasupra
9. Kailan
10. Huwag Kang Matakot
11. Kaliwete
12. With a Smile
13. Shake Yer Head
14. Huwag Mo Nang Itanong
15. Lightyears

Peace and Love!