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TBT: Eraserheads: The Reunion Concert (Part 1)

Okay. To tell the truth, 6 years ago, at this very time, I didn't ever think that Eraserheads will still have reunion concerts after this. I really thought that this will be their first and last reunion concert. I mean, come on, with their own busy lives, with their own bands, I don't think that there's still going to be a part 2, part 3, part n of this. But yeah, miracles do happen and wishes do get granted. That's why months.. years.. after this, our all time favorite Filipino band, Eraserheads continued to have reunion concerts. Which is just, aw man, I cannot afford to miss this reunion concert of theirs. That's why I was on their first and on their second reunion concert! And here I am to blog about their first. :)
It was exactly last August 30, 2008 when Eraserheads held their first reunion concert, everrr! That I couldn't even believe myself! I was like, "Weh! Tsismis lang 'yan!" Until it got on the news, social media, our local TV channels,…