Friday, February 24, 2017

That Oakwood Premier Experience Day 1

Oh yes, I'm back! This time, I'm going to post about my December weekend with my life-long highschool friends. :)

You're probably wondering why I entitled this as "That Oakwood Premier Experience", it's merely because we've spent our entire weekend staycation-ing in Oakwood Premier hotel in Ortigas. Thanks to our balikbayan friend because she sponsored it.<3

Meeting de Avance. Charot! This was when Gab dropped me at the hotel.

Groupie time! Missing all of our friends. Huhu.

LOVE YOU ALL! <3 <3 <3

Then, there was me. Sumaglit ng selfie. Haha.

With Angel. <3

Setting up the camera for a photo shoot. Chaz!

Hi, Madam Lyle! Love this shot po! Hihi.

With my decade-long couple friends.

Winner talaga yung kurtina shot na ito. Thanks, GoPro! Haha.

Then of course, I didn't miss the opportunity to take a picture of our hotel room that weekend. It was so beautiful! Premium na premium ang datingan. Haha. This was one of Oakwood Premier hotel's Executive rooms, I think. :)

Dibaaa? Hindi basta basta! Haha.

Next happening was when Christine brought out her DSLR. Alam naaa! Pictorial na ito! LELS. And to share some of our kabaliwans that day, just continue scrolling. Hehe.

There are actually a lot more pictures from this pictorial sesh of us but I'm not going to share all kasi baka ma-umay na kayo. Haha. But kidding aside, let's move on how we've spent the rest of our day. 

We went to SM Megamall by then to buy some things that we need and will be needing for the night - like drinks, chips and all. Also, my friends did some last minute Christmas shopping for their family there at the mall. :)

We were also supposed to have a dinner in Mang Inasal there in SM Megamall but man, it was so jam-packed when we went. And IDK if it was just me, but sobrang untidy nung place! Huhuhu. Nakakalungkot. And we don't wanna disappoint ourselves, especially our balikbayan friend who was super craving with Mang Inasal. And that was when we all decided to go back to the hotel and buy to-go foods instead from a nearby Mang Inasal branch. So, yayyy!

During the night also, we just chowed with our Mang Inasal orders, chatted and laughed our lungs out with our stories. Haha. We drank a couple of drinks but we were really too tired to bond that long. 

And with that, I think I'm gonna end this blog for now and will be posting about our Day 2 here next time. Hihi.

Thanks for reading my kwentos! Hehe. See ya!


Hashtag LauMarriesAya

What a title, I know! Haha. I couldn't put the "#" because it's not allowed in the blog title. But anyway.. here's another blog after a few weeks! *throws confetti*

So.. 2 days after my birthday, one of my dearest FG (our barkada's name in the dorm) just got m-a-r-r-i-e-d. Yay! She's the second one actually. And it just feels really great being part of this milestone in her life. Hihi.

The wedding was held in Lakeshore Pampanga on a Sunday. And since I was part of the entourage, the bride has told me that I can stay at their villa the night before the wedding. And guess what? I said yes of course, because why not? Staying with her overnight is something we haven't done in a long while and so with some of our friends. Overnight equates bondinggg! That's why I really love overnights! Hihi.

My gosh! Can't wait to share the photos we had over the weekend. Sooo.. here are they now! :D 

Thank you, C2 for the free ride to Lakeshore! Love youuu! <3
Then unexpectedly, before meeting the bride at the villa, we saw her and her hubby-to-be in Petron Lakeshore. LOOOL. WE MISS YOUUU, FG!

Fast forward to that Saturday night, here are the sleepover pictures. Hihi. AGAIN. WE MISS YOU, FG!!! <3

Imitating one of our friends with her throwback picture, "Little Teapot". HAHAHA! Hi, Ala! LABYUUU! WE MISS YOUUU!

Then wedding preparation pictures start here. :)

Our simple but pretty villa that weekend. Still in Lakeshore. :)

The entourage with the pretty robes given by the bride. <3

Pictures from at the Chapel before the wedding starts. :)

With the Baguisa siblings - the bride's super close cousins. And it's just amazing how I'm already friends with the bride's cousins before I met her way back in college. BTW, I met the bride in college, we were roommates in the dormitory! Super small world! And it was destined, I guess. Hihi.

Good to see you again, Bulas! <3

With Sheen, the bride's best cousin. Pretty as always, Ten Tang Sheen! <3

And her brother photo bombing us. Lels.

And now, pictures from the wedding proper. Enjoyyy!

*Grabbed pictures from Ron Valenzuela.

The dashing groom, Lau.

Here comes the bride now! Love the lighting at the back. Huhu.


OMG. Everytime I see this picture, NAIIYAK AKO! Hi, Tito Omar! Huhu.

Then, pictures now after the wedding ceremony.

And my favorite headshots made by Ron Valenzuela. Everything's so beautiful! Huhu. Please hire Ron as your photographer, friends! Magaling talaga sya promise!

And at the reception now, prepare for a visual treat guys! Hihi.

"Instagram boyfriends/husband." Hehe.
Thank youuu, boys for being so supportive to us! Hihi. :D


Probably my top-most favorite photo! Hihihi.

Damn. The sunset was just perfect that day. Thank Your, Lord for this! <3

The bride also made this. Pwede ng coordinator si Ayabum, yung totoo! Haha.

I don't need to ask anymore, I know that the bride also made this. Hihi. Kudos, Unjong! <3

Awww. They missed each other daw. LOVE YOU, 3! :*

EVERYTHING IS SO BEAUTIFUL, RIGHT? I'D SAY THAT THIS IS THE KIND OF WEDDING THAT I REALLY WANT. (Ay. All caps talaga? Hahaha!) The married couple truly deserves this pretty wedding as they are really passionately hardworking people with a good heart. God bless their marriage! And I love them both!

And to cap off the night, I'll leave you with this picture. Hihi.

That's all for now, folks. See you on my next blog!