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That Oakwood Premier Experience Day 1

Oh yes, I'm back! This time, I'm going to post about my December weekend with my life-long highschool friends. :)
You're probably wondering why I entitled this as "That Oakwood Premier Experience", it's merely because we've spent our entire weekend staycation-ing in Oakwood Premier hotel in Ortigas. Thanks to our balikbayan friend because she sponsored it.<3

Then of course, I didn't miss the opportunity to take a picture of our hotel room that weekend. It was so beautiful! Premium na premium ang datingan. Haha. This was one of Oakwood Premier hotel's Executive rooms, I think. :)

Hashtag LauMarriesAya

What a title, I know! Haha. I couldn't put the "#" because it's not allowed in the blog title. But anyway.. here's another blog after a few weeks! *throws confetti*
So.. 2 days after my birthday, one of my dearest FG (our barkada's name in the dorm) just got m-a-r-r-i-e-d. Yay! She's the second one actually. And it just feels really great being part of this milestone in her life. Hihi.
The wedding was held in Lakeshore Pampanga on a Sunday. And since I was part of the entourage, the bride has told me that I can stay at their villa the night before the wedding. And guess what? I said yes of course, because why not? Staying with her overnight is something we haven't done in a long while and so with some of our friends. Overnight equates bondinggg! That's why I really love overnights! Hihi.
My gosh! Can't wait to share the photos we had over the weekend. Sooo.. here are they now! :D 

Fast forward to that Saturday night, here are the sleepover picture…