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Breakfast At Balay Dako

One Saturday morning, I and my highschool friends planned to go to Tagaytay City, as part of our bonding slash welcoming back our friend who came home from the U.S. Also, to purposely have breakfast there. :D
Balay Dako was the choice of our go-to-breakfast place that day and thank God for having a foodie/traveler friend because she's the one who took charge of almost everything. (Hi Jas! If you're reading this, please know that I'm talking about you. Hehe.<3)
Moving on, we met at past 5AM in Mandaluyong City. And we really planned to leave this early since we've heard that the queue for breakfast in Balay Dako at 9AM is usually full. Since it's already opened by 7AM, we targeted to be there at around that time. Also, may I note that reservations there are no longer accommodated. Meaning, it's a first come, first served basis there. So, kebs if we all lacked of sleep. And therefore, hello from our morning faces! Haha.

Picture with our balikbayan friend, Joma st…