Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Gringo's And Ho Bing

A dear college kabarkada who also happens to be my officemate celebrated her birthday with us last September, at work and then after work. Hi, Aims! :) Well.. She's just workaholic like that. Hehe.

And to make her day a little special, we thought of giving her a cake. :D

So there, we all sung a Happy Birthday song for her and have let her blow her 26th birthday candle. Hihi. After the birthday singing and birthday cake blowing, Aimee told me and Jona that she'll be treating the whole team for a dessert. Yayyy! Happiness!

Prior to having the most awaited dessert, we decided to eat a proper meal first. And Aims recommended to eat in Gringo (BGC) which is just a few kilometers away from our office. 

Here are some of our pictures there.

Nacho Grande. P265

Half Gringo Original Chicken (with 2 sides). P225 

And a little flatlay there with the side dishes.

The verdict: good food and fair price! Thumbs up! We liked it, most especially the Nacho Grande which was gone in seconds. Charot! Thanks for recommending us the place, Aims! :D Approve approve!

Then our next stop was for dessert! Yayyy! Korean Ice in Ho Bing. Hohoho! I was so excited about this! First time kasi! LOL.

Here are our snapshots that time. :)

CLOCKWISE: Choco Brownie Bingsu (P235), Injeolme/Matcha Bingsu (P175) and Mango Bingsu (P195). 

And there's the tea section. I love their cold rice tea! Huhu.
And here's our team picture (all girls, minus the boys because they're not at the office during this time).

What a fun Aimee's birthday it was! Thank you girls for this day! Kakamiss ang kadaldalan natin sa shift. Haha. Love you all! And see you at work this Friday. Hihi.

Love lots,

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

See You Later, Jieps!

I didn't want to tag this blog post as a "farewell" or a "send-off" date for a very very very very very very very very very very close friend of mine. Actually, we're not only that close but she is indeed one of my bestfriends. :) I've known this woman since we're 1st year highschool (heck, that was 14 years ago already) and we've been together to almost all of our life's highlights and lowdowns. Haha. Truly, she's been my partner for life kaya nga kami Jieps eh diba! Lels. Love her so to bits and pieces! Of course, you also Balengs! Hihi. <3 <3 <3

Okayyy.. enough of my super kadaldalan. As this too much talking may bring me to being my old-super-emotional self which I'm avoiding already. Haha. Back to the main event now. Here ya go!

A day before Mika's flight to Australia, I and another one of my bestfriends, Lyle, have decided to squeezed in to Mika's very hectic schedule. Haha. #TeamClingy Like the usual, we decided to just meet around Pasig area. So, off we go to Estancia (na naman. haha!).

I came late, so I just followed where they were currently chit-chatting. Lels. And they were just in Serenitea that time. 

And wow, Serenitea Estancia! I never knew that you could this be pretty?! Look at the walls, ain't it say so?! 

So here.. sharing a few pictures from that beautiful place. Enjoy!

Hi from my beautiful girlies, Mika & Lyle.

Then.. more look of the walls, frames & typography inside. <3


Anyway, after I took the pictures above, we immediately looked for a place to have lunch. After some time of scouting around, we decided to try Spice & Cleaver, a new restaurant to me which looks like really new. Having that said, I really think that Estancia's their very first branch, and please correct me if I'm wrong.

Sorry but I don't have much photos of the place. :( Here are some pictures of our food na lang. :)

We pretty enjoyed their food naman. In fairrr! :)

After having lunch, we headed to EDSA Shangri-la Mall to have some dessert and accompany Mika for a haircut. :)

#TeamClingy is doing groufies again. =p

And then, pictures now after Mika's haircut and our dessert tiiime at Wicked By Cravings! :D :D :D

Luffyew, twooooo! :*

And here's our Twix Cheesecake, my favorite! Mehehe.

Last look before we dug in! Yay!

Thanks, Jiepers for recommending us the place! I enjoyed the desserts! :*

Then at almost 18:00, we bid our goodbye's like we were just going home and still gonna see each other the next week. But the hard truth is, we're not.. anymore.. :( The next time we're gonna see each other again is by next year, which is not so bad after all. And gratefully! That next year has came already (because this all happened 3 months ago. lol)! Because, guess what? Mika's back here in PH, as in right.. now! :D :D :D But.. for a vacation only. Not complaining! Seeing her again is what matters most. Hihi. 

The 3 of us were supposed to be together today actually, on Mika's birthday. But due to some emergencies, I couldn't come. :( It's saddd.. because this is the first time that Mika's not spending her birthday with me and the opposite. But that's ok, since we're gonna see each other next week! Overnight in El Yu it is! Hihihi.

So there, blog post again next time!

Happy New Yearrr, guysss! Hoping that 2017 will be very good to us. <3