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Mother's Day Special

After years and years of missing a Mother's Day Celebration with my mom, finally, my work schedule has somehow permitted me to celebrate it with her. Yay to that! 
Oh, just please allow me to share this little rant of mine. Prior to celebrating it with her, I only had 3 precious hours of sleep because I worked on a graveyard shift the night before this. So, hello zombieland on a friggin' hot afternoon! But the heck I care, it's Mother's Day! So I shouldn't worry about anything, right? :) 
So there, I battled the extreme weather, the Manila traffic and all, to have lunch with my fam bam who went all the way to Manila from Bulacan. Oh oh oh! I should give them an award for their effort too, I think. *wink*
And now, let my photos do the talking.

Hey Kessy Papercutting Workshop

I had my very first craft workshop last year on this same month, May. This happened exactly last May 26, 2013. Such a long overdue post right? Forgive me for this, but I think it's a good idea that every Thursday, I'll post something that's from a year or years ago already. And if you're bright enough, I guess you know what the concept of my Thursday post is. *wink* 
Yes, you get it right my dear, I'm incorporating Throwback Thursday to my Thursday post.  :)
And maybe, you are wondering how I happened to know about this craft workshop. Well, it's through the social media tools of course! Instagram to be exact. So here's a piece of its history, I was browsing somebody's Instagram until I stumbled on a post where she had decorated her plain journal with washi tapes. I fell in love instantly with those printed tapes! They were very me! :D Thank God that she tagged the seller's Instagram - Hey Kessy. Until then, I have been keeping myself updated with any…

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