Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Special

After years and years of missing a Mother's Day Celebration with my mom, finally, my work schedule has somehow permitted me to celebrate it with her. Yay to that! 

Oh, just please allow me to share this little rant of mine. Prior to celebrating it with her, I only had 3 precious hours of sleep because I worked on a graveyard shift the night before this. So, hello zombieland on a friggin' hot afternoon! But the heck I care, it's Mother's Day! So I shouldn't worry about anything, right? :) 

So there, I battled the extreme weather, the Manila traffic and all, to have lunch with my fam bam who went all the way to Manila from Bulacan. Oh oh oh! I should give them an award for their effort too, I think. *wink*

And now, let my photos do the talking.

Had our lunch here at Hanamaruken Ramen, since Una prefers to have meal with a soup on the side or anything that has a soup in it.

Told them that I'll be taking a snap shot and Una was in "maldita mode" so there, the blur comes. Haha.

Some of Hanamaruken Ramen's very nice displays inside.

Group selfie with Una Topakin. Hahaha.

Then our Spare Rib Ramen which is just okay.

And then, Mama being a grandmother slash mama to Una Franchezka Maldita. Lels.

Ebi Tempura in the house that are so huge! Literally! Eating a piece of it will make you so full already. Dang! Like what my mom said, "Sugpo yata yan eh!" (I think that's a big shrimp!)

Then at the end of our Japanese lunch, it was Una who almost finish our ramen. Dang this baby! She loves soup so muuuch!

Japanese lunch - done! We then rested, paid our bills then off we go! Until mom noticed the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery right after we went out of Nakamaruken Ramen. Hence, we hopped in to fill our tummies with desserts and yes, cupcakes of course! 

My super woman posing for a photo. Love you always, Ma! <3

Dainty Vanilla Cupcake Bakery table pieces.

Their beautiful chandeliers. :D

And these eye-capturing colored picture frames! (Gah. I diiied!)

And more dainty-ness inside.

And a shameless selfie with Mama after I gave her that cupcake that she's holding. :D

Few more pictures before leaving this beautiful place.

Please excuse that little girl who obviously doesn't want a photo. Hahaha.

Not until..

We finally let her ride this "horse" (carousel) as she calls it. Oh kids! They will always be kids after all. Goshables! *laughs*

And our last POTD (Photo Of The Day): Us waiting for our mom who was shoe shopping. Haha! It's her day, girls, it's her day! ;-)
Then ta-da! We had finally went home after all of these. Ooops, wait, we dropped by Bread Talk for our last stop before we finally separated our ways. I went alone like the usual because I still have work at night. How sucks, I know. But that's totally fine because I don't mind being exhausted. It's just a matter of psych-ing your mind that you are not tired. LOL.

Wel.. I just feel really grateful for days like this! :D Days being with them are just too precious because I've been away from home for 8 consecutive years already. Yes, sadly. :( Because you know, I had to live independently since it's a lot better to work in the city. :) 

And before I make this a novel, I gotta bounce now. Laters guys! Until my next post! :D

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hey Kessy Papercutting Workshop

I had my very first craft workshop last year on this same month, May. This happened exactly last May 26, 2013. Such a long overdue post right? Forgive me for this, but I think it's a good idea that every Thursday, I'll post something that's from a year or years ago already. And if you're bright enough, I guess you know what the concept of my Thursday post is. *wink* 

Yes, you get it right my dear, I'm incorporating Throwback Thursday to my Thursday post.  :)

And maybe, you are wondering how I happened to know about this craft workshop. Well, it's through the social media tools of course! Instagram to be exact. So here's a piece of its history, I was browsing somebody's Instagram until I stumbled on a post where she had decorated her plain journal with washi tapes. I fell in love instantly with those printed tapes! They were very me! :D Thank God that she tagged the seller's Instagram - Hey Kessy. Until then, I have been keeping myself updated with anything that's Hey Kessy-related. I discovered the owner's online shop's website, the online shop's Instagram and even the personal website of the owner by being such a good stalker (Chos!). There, I learned that Mansy, the owner, also holds craft workshops aside from creating cool DIY craft products. Great isn't it? Because she doesn't keep her talent within herself. Rather, she chose to share it to the world. Ah. I just love people who are like her! <3

Moving forward, here's what I had that special day.

The venue was at Sweet Ecstacy in Cubao Expo. And I really love this poster-filled wall!<3
Yays! Here were our craft kits. :D

Our choices of Washi Tapes. Aaah! Heaven!

My personalized rubber mat for the papercutting that I'll be doing. :D I love how Mansy put our names on it. <3

Welcome to the workshop! Yayyy! BTW, that bag on the wall was a prize that was won by the participant with the best output. Too bad that it wasn't me! Hehe. Better luck next time, I guess?

And the amazing works of Mansy Abesamis, the owner of Hey Kessy. :D

Baker Twines. Some of the products of Hey Kessy.
(Sorry for the blurry photo.)

Personal washi tape collection of Mansy. :D

Some materials for our project that day.

Templates where we can practice using the craft knife. It wasn't easy, I tell you! You got to put a light pressure on the knife while using it. Else, your papercut project will look bad.

Ta-da! Here were our projects. Can you guess where my work is? :)

This was what I came up with that day. I was supposed to put an aztec vibe with this coaster but failed to. LOL. Maybe I was just pressured, eh? Hehe. I hope to make a better one on my next craft workshop! *cross fingers*
So there, my first craft workshop was. :D I couldn't explain what I felt that day because I was beyond excited! At the same time, I was afraid that there'll be these snobby participants. Hehe. And I was really grateful that everyone was friendly even the host herself, Mansy. She was really accommodating and was very focus on us and our works. She even patiently taught me some techniques on how to hold and use my craft knife properly which I really appreciate. :) Thank you again, Mansy! <3

I hope I can get the chance to do another craft workshop this year. :D Keeping my fingers crossed for that! 

See you around fellas!

P.S. By the way, you may click on the hyperlinks I created if you want to know more about Sweet Ecstacy, Hey Kessy and Mansy's works. 



Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sunshine Blogger Award

Whooops! Blogger misses me, not! Hehe. Well, it’s me and my blogger buddy who misses me here. LOL. Sooo.. what’s up with this Sunshine Blog Award? Well, it's been given to me by my blogger buddy - Abbey (BTW, I used your Sunshine photo. Hehe.) And it’s actually similar to surveys (Yes, do you remember them?). Moreover, there are rules to follow here, questions to answer and people to be tagged, etcetera etcetera. And without anymore further ado, let's get started!

Here are the RULES for this award:
  1. Post a picture of the Sunshine Blogger Award 
  2. Post 11 random facts about yourself 
  3. Answer 11 questions from the nominating blogger 
  4. Link back to the blogger who nominated you 
  5. Nominate 11 wonderful bloggers, that you feel bring sunshine to the blogging world. (Be sure to notify them) 
  6. Write 11 questions for your nominated bloggers 

11 Random Facts About ME!

  1. I started to go to school when I was only 3 years old as a Kinder 1 student. (Oh noes, I’m not an accelerated student darling. 
  2.  I’m a frustrated ballet dancer that until now, I can still see myself tipping my toes while dancing on stage. 
  3. I was once an avid fan of Meteor Garden. Yes, that Flower 4 Taiwanese boys. During the peak of their stardom, I would save my daily money for school then I would buy all their original CD’s and merchandise. That addicted I am, veryyy! 
  4. I came from an OC (Obsessive Compulsive) family. And my dad is the most OC among the 4 of us. Harhar! 
  5. I love sleeping, a loooooooooot! 
  6. I love nail polish, I mean nail polishesss (And I think, this needs more “s” for the number of nail polishes that I have at home. Sorry, I didn’t intend to brag about it). 
  7. My favorite things in this world are: rainbow colors or just anything that’s colorful & stuff with an anchor & Aztec design. 
  8. I love crafts, doing DIY projects, scrapbooks and anything that’s related to crafting. 
  9. The only living thing that I am afraid of is, SNAKE! Yes, only that creature! Because it can kill anybody with its poison in less than an hour. (And I don’t want that to happen in my precious life ever!) I can hold a cockroach, a frog, a rat or whatever ewwwy creature that is (provided with a tissue/plastic/gloves of course).
  10.  I’m a pet lover. My family has more than 10 dogs at home, more than 5 cats and other farm animals. Hehe. 
  11. I’ve been blogging since 2003 but then I stopped for such a long time. And I am trying and still struggling now to keep that active blogger in me. Yes! Pushing this!

Here are the questions from Abbey:

1. Have you farted in a public place? Where and when was the recent incident?hihi 

 Of course! Haha. (And you’re even proud, Dona? Yuck! Haha. Well, you can’t stop it at times, right?) Oh, I don’t remember anymore where it was. 

2. Who is your first love?
My first love is God. (Safe answer from me! Haha.)

3. Can you reveal to us your hidden talent? What is it?
I can roll my tongue and move my hands together like a fish. LOL.

4. If you could change something in our world, what will be it?
That Filipinos will all be US Citizens! Haha.

5. If you will die within this day, what will you do?
I’ll make sure that I had my confession already.

6. Where is your favorite place to hangout?
My bedroom – my forever comfort place.

7. What are your pet peeves?
Those people with no manners and those who would notice everything in you physically and would even have the guts to critic or tease you about it. Goodness! 

8. Have you watched The Amazing Spiderman 2? What is your verdict?
YES! TWICE! Hehe. I’ll give it a 5 thumbs up!

9. If your love story will be adapted to be a movie, what will be the title?
My Living Diary. Chos!

10. Have you met your true love?

11. If you are a guy, how will you pursue a lovely lady?
I’ll court her the traditional way and I will be in a full-service to her. I’d like her to feel my presence ALWAYS! :D

11 Wonderful Bloggers, that I feel bring sunshine to the blogging world:

  1. Abbey 
  2. Cyron
  3. Thea
  4. Kae
11 Questions for My Nominated Bloggers 

  1. What’s that topmost dream that you have? 
  2. And are you on your way achieving it? 
  3. What’s that thing that you ever regretted in your life? 
  4. What’s the most effective way to save money? 
  5. Any extreme sport that you want to try? 
  6. What’s your favorite book? 
  7. Would you rather read an eBook or read its actual book? 
  8. Can you speak other language other than Filipino and English? 
  9. Did you ever fangirl or fanboy a celebrity or an artist? 
  10. Where do you refer to live in, a country with 4 seasons or just in a tropical country like Philippines? 
  11. What’s your ideal monthly wage? Haha. In Philippines Peso please! ;)

I’m sorry that I can’t tagged 11 persons yet for this blog entry. I hope to tag more in the future! And to those that I have tagged, please answer them whole-heartedly and take it seriously, please! Hehe. Thank you so muuuch! <3