Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Hip Pinoy Christmas Fair Experience

I was finally able to go to this bazaar last weekend (December 15, 2012). And that’s a hooray for me! :D Since I’ve been wanting to go here last month, when they had their first one.

This art + food fair was on last December 15 & 16, 2012 at 225 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City (beside Banapple 1), where a number of Pinoy crafters and entrepreneurs were selling their very own handmade products, yummy foods and refreshing drinks. 

Until now, I can’t really contain my happiness with the great finds I had from this bazaar.

So here are the photos I had that day. :)

Lovely ribbons from Keishables which are so hard to resist. Aaah!
Adorable Kleyland products. So pleasing to the eye! :D
Cutie crochet stuff from Penguin Sews.
Yummy cupcakes from Smitten Desserts which I will highly recommend to everybody. They give real fair prices! :D 
Quirkinez stall which I didn't want to leave without buying anything. I love their purses! Even their table cloth. PRIIINTS! AAAHHH!!!
Looks yummy? VERY! But hold back, they aren't edible because they're SOAPS from EdenLab! Mail them at for any inquiries.
Oh-so-goodie leather accessories from Heredia. (I know, I know, I couldn't find their online shop over the web. *sighs*) BTW, I got myself that navy blue bracelet! :D
Affordable bracelets from Adikaba. The shop's name a WINNER! :))
Yezzir! Everything here were handstamped! Love love love! <3 Say hello to Whatdacraft! Making me want to create my own stamps just like what the seller told me. She's so nice and her partner! :)
Super cute and ideal gifts from What If Handmade Shop.
Colorful arm candies from Green Berries. :)
Very crafty cards, gift tags, scrapbook stuff from La Petit Cadeau. :D
Make your accessories with Earthly Jewels. :D

The Hip Pinoy Christmas Fair later that day. :)
And when I have realized that the sun was no longer there. I unwantedly told myself that it's time to go, get some dinner and say goodbye to the bazaar because I still have to go to SM Megamall that night for I had to buy something.

And I had dinner nearby, at Banapple 1, with my life-long friend, Vikki, who was with me this entire time. Blimme, she came all the way from New Manila just to accompany me here. Ace to the effort, men! :)

Inside Banapple. It's very Christmas-y inside! ILAVET!
That's Vikki and I. My friend since 1996 who was also born on my birthday, birth month and birth year. Isn't it cool having a friend with the same birthday as yours? Whatever it is, thank you forever, mamen! :D

And then I finally capped the night off with these pictures.

Smittens Desserts' oh-so-yummy cupcakes (picture taken while still at Banapple). Chocolate Chip. Banoffe. Pastillas (the flavor's so unique! And I even bragged that I and Vikki were from Bulacan after the owner told us about this flavor. Haha. That's why I was so excited to taste it!). Red Velvet. The taste, the presentation and all - SUPER DUPER THUMBS UP!
These are the business card I was able to collect that night. Yaaay! :D
Oh lookie, this is the back part of Whatdacraft!'s business card. Hameyzing! Like 100x! :D Read the owner's blog on how she made this.
Boxes and gift tags from Whatdacraft!. Ribbons from Keishables. Purse from Quirkinez. Coin bracelet from Adikaba. Nautical bracelet from Green Berries. Cellphone case from PrzxyArt. Travel Blanket (yes, inside that hearty bag) from What If.
I really had fun with the bazaar! Looking forward for its next one! Yaaay! :D

More of my hops next time.

Peace and Love,

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How We Celebrate A Halloween Party

Oh yeah! This will be my starter-post here in Blogspot/Blogger. Halloween Party - very relative to today's season. :)

It took me a lot of time actually whether I'll be back to being a "full-time" (a title which is yes, I could call myself before) blogger or not. Well, I've been into blogging since I was 14 and just stopped when I started in college. No apparent reason for stopping, perhaps it was just my schedule that made me stop. And now, I'm on my 22 years, blogging again! Isn't it like being back with my one-true-love again? Haha.

Moving on, let the blogging roll! :D

It's just 2 days away before All Saints Day hits. And as traditionally being done, people are devoting themselves celebrating Halloween Parties and having Trick or Trick events. They busy themselves by preparing stuff, decorations and costumes for this event. And us? Well.. we do this all on the spot. *grins*

It was just 2 years back when I experienced celebrating Halloween Parties. First one was at work and the second one was here at home (yes, I'm at home at right now) with my highschool loves/friends. (Yippie and cool, right?) 

 Well.. we may not be on those scary costumes nor have decorated our venue like a horror house. But we always look forward to this event which at oftentimes happens to be a get-together for all of us.

Funny how it may sound, but this blog entry was supposed to be on last year. But I didn’t find a real time
to make it. So as a “comeback  post,” I decided to have this instead. :)

So last year, these all happened.

Say hello to my highschool boys and girls! :D (Sorry if this looks like an over-exposed shot, but in reality it was just brightened. So that boy in front, who's in navy blue shirt won't look dark. HAHAHA.)

Our very-class-picture-shot. Haha!

 With my highschool girls. <3

 And me - being one of the boys. Well, in real life, I am. :) This was our "serious shot" BTW.

And our "happy shot."

And because that guy in the tarp is about to celebrate his birthday and we were to make a video for him during this time, we decided to have a photo with him because he's in U.S. already and we miss him. See, aren't we the sweetest? *winks*

 Because I'm such an "artistahin", they requested to have a picture with me. No, I was just joking. Hehe. These 2 bugoys are 2 of my best guy buds. :D

How the guys were enjoying.

And the most epic of all, our very own, Beer Pong. HAHAHA!

These boys are vain, aren't they? But I must admit that this is a cute picture, indeed! :)

During our "Pinoy Henyo" moments. Kudos to this! Haha. It was very very highschool! Hahaha. Could you guess why? ;)

And it was just so funny how we had our hands like that. Epic shot! Lol.

Couldn't laugh hard anymore. Laughtrip moments were non-stop.   

And by the end of the night, these boys were knocked DOWN! Haha.

Good morning brekky! Yepper! Some of the boys were still awake even after the sunrise.

It's been a year, for real. :( And this month, we missed to have this celebration. How sad isn't it? Well, I just couldn't volunteer to organize one then, because I always have to go to work on weekends. It's so bad, I know. 

 Well.. yeah! Let's see this Christmas, we could probably have one! :D

*cross fingers* 

Peace and Love,