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On The 27th Day Of Christmas

What a title I know. Haha. Sobrang pinag-isipan! I don't know why, but this particular lyrics of the song "12 Days Of Christmas" was the very first thing that came to my mind while I was viewing the photos that me and my cousins had during the Christmas holidays.
When we were still young, we always make it a point that all of us are together during Christmas holidays or summer break. We'll usually spend 3-5 days together - we'll stay at our grandma's house on Christmas day and then the next day, we'll spend it at our cousin's place in Antipolo City. And then by 27th or 28th of December, I and my sister will be fetched by our mom to go out of town. That was our routine since I was a kid until 2013 but this Christmas, it became pretty different because we decided to spend our 27th and 28th day of December at our grandma's house again.
So, on the 27th, the 5 of us got completed by the evening.

Our very loving lola ordered a KFC Bucket Meal for all of us…

Happy 2015, Folks!

*insert fireworks emoji here*
Helliiiw! Helliiiw! Can you believe that I'm back after more than half a year? Haha. Well, sometimes, I just feel like blogging. Sometimes, I'm too lazy to do it. Haha. What a lazy human I am. 
But anyway, since I installed this Blogger app (available in both Android and Apple gadgets), bakit ba hindi ko sya imaximize diba? Hahaha. I'm such a woman of excuses talaga, as my boyfriend would always tell me. 
So, to update you with the happenings of my life, let me share here a couple of things that happened to me during the first day of 2k15.
I spent my New Year holiday at my hometown, of course. Magkamatayan na if I won't be spending it there. Haha. But kidding aside, I always make it a point that I'm at my hometown every Christmas and New Year. If my mom insists lang to spend it somewhere else, gora lang rin naman. Like what I've said, my only condition is - as long as I'm with them. Here's a plus to it, my cousins from my fathe…