Tuesday, January 13, 2015

On The 27th Day Of Christmas

What a title I know. Haha. Sobrang pinag-isipan! I don't know why, but this particular lyrics of the song "12 Days Of Christmas" was the very first thing that came to my mind while I was viewing the photos that me and my cousins had during the Christmas holidays.

When we were still young, we always make it a point that all of us are together during Christmas holidays or summer break. We'll usually spend 3-5 days together - we'll stay at our grandma's house on Christmas day and then the next day, we'll spend it at our cousin's place in Antipolo City. And then by 27th or 28th of December, I and my sister will be fetched by our mom to go out of town. That was our routine since I was a kid until 2013 but this Christmas, it became pretty different because we decided to spend our 27th and 28th day of December at our grandma's house again.

So, on the 27th, the 5 of us got completed by the evening.

Our very loving lola ordered a KFC Bucket Meal for all of us. Plus her favorite Amber's Pancit Bihon which is incredibly delicious! :D

And here's a proof that we loved everything that lola has ordered. Haha. 

These sisters who are my first cousins were very happy then when our uncle told us that this huge box of Pepero was waiting for us. Haha. HOOORRRAAAYYY! Ubos ka agad! LOL.

After we have taken our dinner, we just chatted, laughed and rested our tummies. Then we decided to hang out at our lola's living room. :)

Let me share also some of the cute stuff that our lolo and lola kept all over the years at their home sweet home. <3

This is the penguin tumbler that all of us were eyeing. Haha. And let me share with you also a short story about this - my cousins and I were dying to know where this tumbler came from but everybody from my lola's house were clueless too like us. And since it's only our lolo whom we haven't asked yet, we have concluded that this was from him. The soonest I saw our lolo arrived here at their house, I immediately asked if he know anything about this mysterious tumbler. Hahaha. Lo and behold, we were right with our conclusion. LOL. Thank you lolo for not denying to us that you have bought this. If you've told me that you have no idea about this too, we've probably gone crazy. Hahaha. (OA much!) But kidding aside, who wouldn't want this kind of tumbler right? IT'S JUST SO CUTE! 

Apparently, he bought this from the food stall near SM Megamall Cinema. :)

Back to the topic now. Humaba na kasi masyado yung kwento ko sa tumbler eh. Hahaha. 

More stuff from my lola's house:

Christmas figurines that lola has kept all over the years and a number of photo framed family pictures which included us of course! :)

And here we were having our own monkey businesses. Haha. Hello, Isa! :)

After we chilled here at our lola's living room, we then headed to our bedroom - the bedroom we always occupy whenever we are here which is actually my dad's bedroom.

In here, you'll see this collection:

These toys are owned by my dad's and his siblings. These were their toys when they were still a kid. And since these are very precious to them, they didn't dispose them nor stored them in a box. Rather, they kept and displayed them. How cool, right? 

Hmmm. I wonder how much these toys are worth if The Pickers will come to my grandma's house and buy these? Or in Pawn Stars, how much do you think Rick, Corrie and Chum Lee will buy these? Hahaha. But no, I won't, neither my cousins will sell these toys of our fathers. Nevuuuh! :)

Then later that night, our lola invited us to go to Meralco Village which is just a few kilometers away from her house. Too bad that I didn't bring my phone when we went there because it was lowbat. Same thing with my GoPro, how sucks I know. :( We didn't stay long there anyways because the place was pretty crowded. Kaya.. sige na nga, ok lang na wala kaming pictures that night except for that 1 picture that my uncle took for us.

Moving over, we were treated by our eldest cousin with an ice cream before we went home. And look! It's not your ordinary ice cream but a Magnuuum! Haha. 

Thank you, Patreng for theeese! We love it! 

P.S. Why that face, Donelle? HAHAHA!

Along side our ice cream trip, we ate some midnight snacks also like this brownie squares that are so chewy and fudgy! This was indeed one of the best brownies I ever tasted my whole life! I SWEAAAR! The taste of it is close to Becky's. :) 

Gahhh! I would like to order a bunch of this for myself and for my loved ones in the future that's why I took a picture of it so I could have their contact number and so that I could share it with you also. :)

And thensss.. we ended our night by knocking down ourselves. Haha. In short, we all fell asleep already few hours after we went to our bedroom.

So, that's all for now guys! I'll be writing another post again soon.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 2015, Folks!

*insert fireworks emoji here*

Helliiiw! Helliiiw! Can you believe that I'm back after more than half a year? Haha. Well, sometimes, I just feel like blogging. Sometimes, I'm too lazy to do it. Haha. What a lazy human I am. 

But anyway, since I installed this Blogger app (available in both Android and Apple gadgets), bakit ba hindi ko sya imaximize diba? Hahaha. I'm such a woman of excuses talaga, as my boyfriend would always tell me. 

So, to update you with the happenings of my life, let me share here a couple of things that happened to me during the first day of 2k15.

I spent my New Year holiday at my hometown, of course. Magkamatayan na if I won't be spending it there. Haha. But kidding aside, I always make it a point that I'm at my hometown every Christmas and New Year. If my mom insists lang to spend it somewhere else, gora lang rin naman. Like what I've said, my only condition is - as long as I'm with them. Here's a plus to it, my cousins from my father side have joined us during the New Year, and that made our New Year extra special of course! Minsan lang yun 'no! To prove that, here are some pictures that we had, pardon the blur because they were only taken through iPhone. Hihi. 

New Year's Eve Dinner. 

And those New Year hats were sponsored by my ever cool mom of Haha. So cuuute!

Few minutes before New Year, my mom insisted for another picture, with us naman, her daughters. <3 Love ya, Mama! 

And when it was already 12AM, we lighted up some of our fireworks. Forgive the picture for its poor quality because it's super boo hoo! 

Diba? Ano yan 'te? Napaka-waley. Ayaw kasing magfocus kapag phone lang ang gamit. Now, I miss using DSLR because mine's already broken. :( 

Then, come morning, we woke up a little late already. We took our breakfasts and prepared ourselves for we'll be hitting the road again to Muhneehluh. 

Here are some of our kodakan moments then before we left:

Agudo cousins - Isa, Donelle, Dona and Tricia.

And with my camera freak mom at the middle. Hehehe.

It was hard to leave home again as usual but what can I do? My sister has to go back to work by the next day. If we'll stay, who'll drive us back to Manila? Haha. Nobodyyy! 

Also, I made a promise to my clingy boyfriend that I'll be with him already by January 1 which is also the birthday of his dad. :)

Thank you, sister for not complaining of driving us home and driving us back to Manila. Haha. Love yews! 

So, after dropping my cousins at their house. And after Gabs and I dropped my sister at the condo. These events followed:

Beautiful Christmas at my beautiful workplace (redundant much?) - Eastwood City. And why here? Because this was the nearest "galaan" aka hangout place to our condo plus we still want to go out after we dropped my sister home.

Meanwhile, here's our first picture together for 2015. Yikeee! Sorry sa outfit ko, lamig na lamig lang talaga ko that night. Haha. 

And another couple selfie brought to you by Dona and Gab at that blackboard na may New Year eklavooo. I was expecting Gab not to join me, but look! He diiid! Ang saya ko lang, guyzzzzz! Haha. <3 <3 <3

Maumay kayo sa mukha namin but I really took all the opportunity to take pictures at the places I love surrounding Eastwood Mall, with Gabsie of course. Minsan lang ito, kaya gora bang bang na! 

10 o'clock ticked in and we were already on our way home. Surprisingly, one of Gab's friends texted him that they wanted to go out also. So, we picked this friend of Gab who of course became my friend, with his girlfriend. Then off we go! 

We went to BGC to sip some coffee. And since we were composed of 2 couples, it officially became our double date for the new year too! Hehe. 

We went here at The Coffee Bean Bistro located at 26th Avenue in Bonifacio Global City.

I had a hot coffee paired with CBTL's one of the best cakes - Triple Decker Cheesecake. While Gabs and his friend, Mel had a bottle of Blue Moon beer which is absolutely one of the best beers I ever tasted! And Redge, Mel's girlfriend had the frap version of my drink which she paired with a Strawberry Cheesecake.

I must say that I love the whole CBTL Bistro plus the guy who was serving us was so kind and accommodating. I woild definitely come back her and would recommend the place. The next time I'll come back, I'll make sure that I'll order one of their meals because sadly, they were unavailable when went by.

To cap off the night, we just endlessly chatted - we talked about a lot of things like how we spent our holidays, the updates about our friends and plans in the future. Then we went home afterwards.

And before I say goodbye again, here's a collage of what we had that night at CBTL Bistro which was made by Redge. :) 

P.S. Happy 4th Anniversary to me and Gabsie! It seemed like we had our anniversary salubong here because we were here until 1AM of January 2 which is our anniversary. Hihi. :D

HAPPY 2015 to you! :D

From me and Gabs. :)

Ta-ta for now!