Monday, December 26, 2016

Run At Track 30th

Heya there, blog! It's been a long while! Missed you super! Hihi. I finally got the time to update you. 

Anyway, while transferring photos from my phone, I realized.. why not blog about my life's important happenings, starting with the day that I got my not-so-brand-new smart phone. :) Got it last October 2016, so.. expect blogs starting October 2016. Haha.

So, here was my last run for the year of 2016 which is last October pa. (I know! Ewwwness to my laziness! LOL.) I ran with my dear teammates at work. :D And we decided to run at Track 30th in BGC (Bonifacio Global City) which is just a walking distance away from our office. Perks! Yay!

Here's our groufie before we ran.

One more, girls! Yung medyo centered naman. Haha.

Too bad that I wasn't able to take pictures while running.:(  Kapagod kasi, bes! Haha. Take a look at these pictures of ours na lang which were taken after running. Hihi. :D

Post-run group picture.

Picture with the sunset naman. Hihi.

Then, while waiting for our Grab ride. I took some snaps of the beautiful BGC at night.

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Gah! I miss BGC and I miss jogging! It's just sobrang tamad ko lang po talaga mag-exercise kaya hindi na ko nakakapag-jog. Haha. Aside from missing those 2 things, I also miss my joggingmates! Kaway kaway to Jai! :( We super miss having you as our shiftmate! <3


How did you like the BGC pictures so far? Me? I did like it very much! Haha. Those particular pictures of BGC at night are just like Singapore's (in my opinion). Don't you also think so? Hihi.

Well, this is all for now, folks! Until my next blog!

Happy Holiday and belated Happy Christmas!

Dona <3

Monday, September 12, 2016

TBT: Dona Meets Hong Kong (Day 1)

I just decided to make this a photoblog of my Hong Kong experience which happened last January 25, 2009. What a major throwback I know! Haha. Violent reactions not accepted because this is MY blog! Lels..

To begin..

... that's me arriving in Hong Kong, carrying my mom's super huge backpack because I'm such a good daughter that I volunteered to carry it for her. Lels. Luv yah, Mama!
Then we stumbled upon this Hello Kitty display while walking. Thus, my sister and 2 aunts took the photo opportunity! Haha.
Ooops, wait! Forgive me for this. Japan Japan! WTF! Hahaha!

Then a few minutes after, we went to the platform to wait for the train. Errr, you saying something, Tita Ahyie? Hehe.
Et voila! Here's our train! :D A Mickey Mouse train! HAMAZINGGG!
A mother and daughter picture just because we want to! Hehe. My mom super loves Mickey Mouse, BTW. :)

More pictures at the train because gah! It's so picture perfecttt! <3

Hayyy. What a beautiful train! <3

Fast forward to entering Disneyland, here are my "customers" posing in front of  the famous Disneyland HK entrance. Huehuehue.

Photographed by yours truly, obvsly.
Anyhoo, let me take you now inside Disneyland Hong Kong. DISCLAIMER: We arrived here past sunset that's why we didn't go to the park anymore (we went the next day). Rather, we used our time to chance upon booking a hotel inside, as requested by my cousin who got real sick of our hotel in Macau the night before this. Here's why: 

The place we stayed in last night was super OMG-yucky-and-scary to death (Ok. This is OA, but this is really the truth!). Oh, wait! Not that I'm discouraging you staying in Macau. Let me just clarify that it was our fault that we slept in a cheap hostel. As cheap as only 500 PHP (I think) a night! Haha. See! And there, we literally got what we paid for. Tsss! LESSON LEARNED! SUPERRR! Haha.

Going back to Disneyland, I hope this happy photo of me and my mother would do justice for our misfortune last night. Haha. 

We rode the bus going to the hotel because damn, Hong Kong Disneyland is so huuuge!

Cam-whoring in Disney HK starts heeere.. 

That's my sister imitating Forrest Gump. Hahaha.

Myself, Mama and Kuya Nice posing in front of Disneyland Hollywood Hotel. It was so fancy insiiide I'd tell you! Love ittt!

But.. there was only 1 small room left (if my memory is still credible), which meant that we cannot take it because we are a group of 10. Huhubels.

Picture na nga lang with the signage. Haha.
DONA: "Boo!"

With that situation, we took the bus again to check the other Disneyland hotel.

Dammmn! This was it! It looks like a castle IRL! Huhuhu. Gonna dieee!

Luckily, there were 3 more rooms that can accommodate us. And yay to that! Hello, Disneyland Hotel!
Yours truly imitating Mickey Mouse statue pose. Hihi.

The lobby.

Going to our rooms now.


There's my photographer sister having a mirror-fie.
My mom looks so happy with our room though.
"Sakit ng paa ko, bes!" Haha.
Yayyy! Room tour! Hehe.
Meanwhile, my mom was goofing around the hallway. Haha. 
And we were to visit our aunt's room. That's them by the way. :)
My sister and my aunt munching on Pocky? Pepero? Ugh. Can't remember!
Agudo sisters and our aunt trying to photobomb us. Haha.
Donelle and our beloved aunts. Hihi.

This particular evening, we decided to eat in Mongkok for dinner. So, we rode the train going there and yeahhh.. what an experience really! Hihi. We lived like a local that night though.

Also, can I add that it was so freezing cold in Macau and Hongkong during these dates that we traveled? It was around 10-12 degree celsius as far as I remember!

By the way, I'll just be posting another blog entry about our Mongkok experience because this entry looks so long already. Haha. And I don't wanna bore you by scrolling down this page anymore.

See you on my next blog then! <3

Always be blogging,