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Run At Track 30th

Heya there, blog! It's been a long while! Missed you super! Hihi. I finally got the time to update you. 
Anyway, while transferring photos from my phone, I realized.. why not blog about my life's important happenings, starting with the day that I got my not-so-brand-new smart phone. :) Got it last October 2016, so.. expect blogs starting October 2016. Haha.
So, here was my last run for the year of 2016 which is last October pa. (I know! Ewwwness to my laziness! LOL.) I ran with my dear teammates at work. :D And we decided to run at Track 30th in BGC (Bonifacio Global City) which is just a walking distance away from our office. Perks! Yay!

Too bad that I wasn't able to take pictures while running.:(  Kapagod kasi, bes! Haha. Take a look at these pictures of ours na lang which were taken after running. Hihi. :D

Picture with the sunset naman. Hihi.

Then, while waiting for our Grab ride. I took some snaps of the beautiful BGC at night.

Gah! I miss BGC and I miss jogging! It's j…

TBT: Dona Meets Hong Kong (Day 1)

I just decided to make this a photoblog of my Hong Kong experience which happened last January 25, 2009. What a major throwback I know! Haha. Violent reactions not accepted because this is MY blog! Lels..
To begin..

More pictures at the train because gah! It's so picture perfecttt! <3