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Our College Barkada's First Wedding

I barely noticed that the time has quickly passed by, making this wedding almost a year already. I pretty much enjoyed this year perhaps? That I lost the count of months about blogging this wedding. Hihi.
Going back to the topic now, this wedding was the very first wedding from my college barkada, that made this event more special. Our barkada is a group of 7 girls. And why all girls? It's because we all came from a former-all-girls-exclusive school. We all met during college, year of 2006 and we're all in the same block that time.
Moving on, all of us 7 were part of the entourage for this wedding. And that's just wow for me! Because this is the first time that I got to share the entourage with my W H O L E barkada. (THANK YOU, LUCHI FOR CHOOSING US! 💕) We went to our first gown measurement, second measurement and everything, all at the same time, which made all of it a memorable and a fun one. More so, we were able to see each other more often than the usual Christmas Part…