Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Baler, You Are Amazing! (Day 2)

After the pretty tiring Day 1 of our Baler Tour. (Yes, I got knocked out by it when evening came.) Here's what happened on our Day 2.

Baler at 6 o'clock in the morning.

Inside our room.

The very inviting surf boards! :D

Of course, I had to have a photo at this famous Baler Grill in Volks. :)
Bacon and Scrambled Egg for my first meal of the day.

Bay-ler View's Menu.

Our bagong gising faces.

After our breakfast, I was left alone waiting for our to go foods. Well, my mom and my sister has their own "morning businesses" to deal with. And me, nothing. So, I decided to stay to have a "me time" and do some photo walks. :)

The beautiful Costa Pacifica and wishing we could have stayed if it wasn't fully booked. :(

That "Baler Bridge" as I call it. But it wasn't a bridge actually. Rather, it's an elevated walking area. An elevated sidewalk can be. :)

And my first shameless selfie of the day.

Oooh! Surfers gonna surf. But the waves do not look very exciting to us. (Kala mo naman pro kung makapagsalita. Haha.)
And more selfie of yours truly.

And as I walk back towards our "hotel" that day, I took more pictures.

Then, just a few meters away from where we stayed in, I saw this and I knew deep within that I just have to capture this. :)

Saying goodbye to this beautiful double deck beds. :)

We have packed out things then and off we go on the road again. Our first stop upon leaving Pacific Waves was Nanay Pacing's.

Nanay Pacing's (as featured in Biyahe Ni Drew that was shared to us by my sister) offers a very good & delicious variety of rice cakes ("Kakanin" in Filipino). So without further ado, we looked for this place and made sure that we'll be taking home one of their best Kakanins. Of course! Of course! They're my favorite! :D

I'm sorry, but all those people are from my family. Hahaha. And the heck, Una? You love that post so much! LOL.

Caught in the act playing!

My sister's OOTD. Thank you to myself for giving that aztec cropped top to her. Haha.

Back on our buckled seats, here I was.. photo-ing this pretty paper cup with Gulaman that I bought from Nanay Pacing. Yes, I was able to talk to the real Nanay Pacing. :)
And the next thing we know, we're already in the paradise of Baler - Dicasalarin Cove.

And upon seeing this view, we literally said WOOOW to this view.

Of course, a photo with it shouldn't be missed!

More scenic views on my way going down there.

And touched down! Finallyyy!

And look what's waiting in front of us. That perfect blue beach! Sht.

Amazing real background!

And my sister's boyfriend, as super amazed as I was, capturing photos of the paradise we discovered in Baler.
Ahhh. Beautiful!
My tsamba shot of my sister and Dicasalarin Beach.

Flower Crown or Sea Plants Crown? Haha.
Parang wala akong kamay. But kebs! The water is so crystal clear! :D

Family Picture. (Ehems to Kuya Nice & Dos) HAHAHA.
Water bed. LITERALLY!
Muro Ami.

Your fatty wanderer. :)

Going for a jump! One of a must's for me everytime. :)
Green. I LOOOVE!

And then the best couple award goes to: Donelle & Don. Haha.
Just a couple of shots before we bid goodbye to Dicasalarin Cove. Huhu.

Thank you so much, Baler! You are really, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!