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Mt. Daraitan x Tinipak River

Had my first experience of Mt. Daraitan(one of the mountains in my bucket list) last March 17, 2016 with my workmates. It was my first time to hike with my officemates and so with others from our group. That's why I got really excited about it! Hihi.
We left at past 4AM from Makati City and we arrived at the jump off at around 7AM. 😬

More hike and another snapshot from the mountain. 

That Oakwood Premier Experience Day 2

Heya! Finally back to continue my blog story about my staycation in Oakwood Premier last December two o sixteen. 😀

Like I mentioned in my previous blog entry, our 2nd day in Oakwood was our pictorial sesh. 😉 So, please! Huwag ma-umay sa pictures namin. Okay? 😂
It all started when Christine started showing us her winter clothes which she'll be using for her Korea trip. Hihi.

Then, we started borrowing everything that she was showing us. Haha. 
 Ayan naaa! 

So pretty talaga ng baklitang ito!

And these pictures follow: