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TBT: Dona Meets Hong Kong (Day 1)

I just decided to make this a photoblog of my Hong Kong experience which happened last January 25, 2009. What a major throwback I know! Haha. Violent reactions not accepted because this is MY blog! Lels..
To begin..

More pictures at the train because gah! It's so picture perfecttt! <3

Charito By Bag Of Beans

Finally got the time to blog again. Hoorayyy! And as promised, I’m going to blog about my experience in Charito By Bag Of Beans(Tagaytay City).
There, after filling our tummies with the buffet breakfast in Balay Dako and visiting Puzzle Mansion, we all decided to have coffee. And that's when we took the road to the newest Bag Of Beans branch, not. Hehe.
So here's a short story about our Tagaytay food crawl. Lels. We kind of got lost looking for the that newest branch of Bag Of Beans. Trusting only our photographic memories (chaz!), we drove to the highway were we all believed that we saw Bag Of Beans sign. Then, we finally made a right turn in this entrance where “Charito By Bag Of Beans” was written. Okay.. So, hindi talaga sya Bag Of Beans? Medyo malabo. Haha. TBH, a part of us was saying that this wasn’t it. But a leap of faith told us to go and just ask the security guard if this was really it. And as told by the guard, this was it daw. Hence,we've got off the car, check…