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The Subspace Coffee Experience

Ola! :D Yeah! I know it's been a looooong while. Well, I have so many reasons/excuses to tell. And probably soon, I'll post about what keeps me busy everyday. :)
Moving forward, let's keep the blogging roooll! :D
So here, I'm starting to post one by one the places I've been since last year (2012). Hence, please excuse this back-posts I'll be having here. :)
Today, it'll be about the 7th Most Quirky Coffee Shop in the world. Yes! You've read it right! It's the 7TH IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! *happy dance*
Candy Magazine is the big reason how I discovered Subspace Coffee. The very first time I saw it in pictures, I immediately fell in love with it! And everyday, I was telling myself that I would really visit this very cozy & quirky coffee shop. 
By mere chance, while I was on an FX on my way to Robinson's Galleria, I saw this Subspace Coffee sign along Ortigas which made it easier for me where to find this lovable place. It was google map-less, yes!