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Mean Girls Bridal Shower For Abbey

Sharing to you guys the very first bridal shower that me and my friends have organized. It was especially organized to one of my college kabarkada who got married 7 months ago. ☺️ (Yeah. I know. So sorry about the very late blog about it. Hihi.) 😉
And let's start the talking by sharing now the pictures we had that night. Hope you'll enjoy them too as much as we did! ❤️
Pictures that we took after and while decorating:
(CTTO: Jamie Champo for the awesome pictures. ❤️)

Then, here are the happenings now when we started the surprise. Well, the semi-surprise I should say. Hahaha. The bride already knew about our surprise because the hotel's security guard has asked them to which hotel unit they were going and to which name was it booked. UGH. We're totally busted! But that's okay, kuya guard was just doing his duty. And like what they say, the show must go on! 

Fast forward now, here are the pictures when the bride has arrived. Together with her was her mom and sister whom …

Happy 54th Birthday, Mama!

So, we celebrated my mom's birthday in White Coral Beach Resort (Bataan) last November 2016. She suggested to try this resort since it has a pool and a beach nearby (it was just a 1 minute walk from our room). She's already familiar with the place since they already stayed here a few months before we went.
Our celebration was just simple. We brought some foods to grill and a few booze that we could drink during the night. It was only us + some of our family friends who stayed here in White Coral Beach Resort the entire weekend that we booked. Oops wait.. I think there was another group whom we don't know. But anyway, we only saw them during lunch the next day.
We stayed in the pool during the night and the next day after. We solo-d the pool, unwanted-ly. Haha. There was really no other people swimming except US! Lels. And my pictures below can really prove it. Hihi. Enjoy!

Here are the pictures that I've took by the time that we arrived:

Ahhh! The sunset was just beautiful…