TBT: Hongkong Day 2 (Part 2)


Upon going down the train station, this was the scene. And I can barely remember what we were looking at here.

Guess where we ate? McDonalds! Hahaha. Sorry, there's no much of pictures of us there.

After having lunch, we're back in Disneyland HK.

Look at me, may take out pa! Hahaha.

Here's our photo in Space Mountain. Haha.

Me so happy with this golden chocolate coin. Hihi.

Then we're off to another ride. I forgot how you call this ride, but we lined for 40 minutes here and napa-away pa ko dun sa pamilyang Intsik na sumingit sa line. Mother father! Nag-iintsik yung nanay nila at nag-eenglish naman ako. Haha. Baka nagka-intindihan kami hano? LOL.

And some "Fall" pictures taken by my sister.

Say hello to our malamig nang popcorn! LOL.

Feel na feel ko naman yung pagbuhat diba? Haha.

Parang natitibi lang, giniginaw na kasi. Hahaha.

Family Picture! ❤️

And this one's a bit nicer.

Here's the man behind our picture, btw. And my aunt found him cute that's why he hugged him. HAHAHA!

HAHAHA! Ang cute ng pose mo jan, ma. LOL!


At Tarzan's Empire now. LOLJK.

Pero no joke na nga, we're at Tarzan's house.

Next stop was at Mickey's House which my mom loves so much! Hehe.

And to cap off our night, we watched the ever famous Disneyland fireworks display.

How random finding this beautiful doll house. Hihi.
Some more kodakan inside Disneyland HK. And look at my sister's hat! 

Also, malamig talaga,guys!

And to end this blog, here's a silhouette picture of me in the already-closed Disneyland Hongkong.

Hope you had fun reading my blog! Our last day in HK will be posted next time.



  1. Yung fireworks sa Disneyland, nakakaiyak sya.. hahaha sobrang magical ng dating for me :)))

    1. TRUUULLLYYY! May GIF nga yung fireworks na na-shot ni Donelle. Hindi ko lang ma-upload sa IG ko to share. Huhu.


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