TBT: Hongkong Day 3, Going Home

Looks who's back? Back again. Hahaha. Well, I would just like to continue my TBT blog about my Macau and Hongkong experience so that it won't be elsewhere in this blog like my first blog about this, which you can find here

This is our last day in Hongkong by the way, we just maximized our remaining hours in Hongkong before we headed home. And guess were we decided to go during those hours? It's no other than - Ngong Ping 360, where I experienced riding a cable car with zero visibility, which was totally an awesome experience! Feel na feel ko na nasa ibang bansa ako. Haha. 

Oh well.. Enough of my chika minute, I'll be sharing our pictures now during this day. 😬

Queuing to get our tickets.

And it was already damn cold!

Here's the happy titas of Bulacan. Hahaha.

View while at the cable car.

Pictures while at the cable car.

Almost zero visibility.

Then here we are finally! It's so nice to see a Starbucks up here.

It was 4 degree celsius at that time. Baaam!

Then finally! We're at the famous Tian Tian Buddha which cannot be seen that much because of the fog.

Then lastly, here's our picture at the Macau International Airport. We were literally running on our way here with all our luggages because we lost track of time. Thank goodness that we were still able to make it! 

And to attest with that, here's my exhausted fes. LOL.

The waiting time begins..

After a few hours or so, it's Mabuhay, Manila already. 

And look at my aunt who asked for assistance. Haha. Mr. Assistant was kind enough to accommodate my aunt's request (though it doesn't look legit that she was experiencing something because she still managed to pull up these funny poses/photos). Hahaha. Love you, Tita Norg!

So, this is it. This is where my TBT: Macau and Hongkong experience ends. Given the chance, I want go back here to visit other places that we missed to go to. It's been 3 years since my out of the country and I'm totally missing it. Whooo!

See ya next time,


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